Jul 30, 2009

Four Months

Four Months ago about this time I was thinking you would almost be here. Four months ago I would have been wrong. The labor in hindsight was pretty fast, but at the time it seemed to last so long. Four months ago I was wishing that I had better insurance so that I could bring on the drugs already. Four months ago I she-womaned it up and popped you out all-natural. Four months ago I thanked you for coming out so quickly. Four months ago I met and fell in love with you. Four months ago you came into our family.
Four months has come and gone so quickly, and so quickly you have gotten big. So quickly you started giggling. So quickly you fell in love with your brothers. So quickly they fell in love with you. So quickly you are getting more aware of the world around you. So quickly you are stronger. So quickly you are no longer a newborn.
So quickly four months goes by.

Jul 29, 2009

Joined the Ranks of Soccer Moms Everywhere

We would like to announce the advancement of one Larissa Zitzman to the rank of official soccer mom. Her move up the ladder of motherhood was assisted by the purchase of a shiny new minivan...and nothing to do with the playing of said sport soccer by one or more child (which apparently does not automatically advance your rank).

When asked about her feelings she could be found to say, "I once swore I would never own a mini van and a friend told me I would someday change my mind and on the day I got one it would be the happiest day of my life...I have changed my mind...and it truly was the happiest day of my life!"

Jul 19, 2009

Can't I Just Vacuum?

Title to be followed by other desires/longings...

...can't I just have time to put on make up
...can't I just sleep until 7:00
...can't someone else be the portable pacifier
...can't I get a new sewing machine since old one is DOA
...can't I have time to post on my blog
...can't I have time to craft something to put on said blog
...can't I just clean the laundry and have it be done for one day
...can't I just buy that cute wallet at Target
...can't I just drive a minivan already
...can't I just take a Sunday nap

...and list could go on for several posts. BUT no I can't do most of those things right now, and that is just dandy with me. I have three of the most precious little monsters ever. I love that I can be brought to joyous tears just looking at their cute faces as I realize they are mine and are part of me.

So even on days when I finally get around to vacuuming my house while littlest one snoozes, only to be met by two sneaking boys who have decided it is a good day to grow a mustache (with the help of markers not puberty),

it is all just dandy, for before long I will be singing a different tune...

...can't I just have a toddlers hug again
...can't I just go back and rock my babies again
...can't my kids just believe every word I say again
...can't I listen to my five-year-old read to me again

...can't I have a good belly laugh at my kids' funny faces

...can't I go be their very favorite person again

...can't I go back to tiny hand holders

...can't I go back to three car seats and lots of little voices singing in my car

...can't I just have a day when they are little again

Jul 6, 2009

What Jack Loves About Summer

A picture is worth a thousand words...so here are 3,000 words...okay 3 pictures documenting what Jack loves about summer.

1. Water Gun Fights
2. Mmm...Corn
3. Playing So Hard Dinner is Forgotten

Jul 2, 2009

I Want One

I don't normally participate in giveaways...because well I am a pessimist and figure why try. I know how bah-humbug...I told Spencer it is kind of like waiting in line at a buffet except after all the cattle like waiting you don't get the food. So yeah, I normally don't do it.

BUT I stumbled across this giveaway and I LOVED this lime apron. SO here the glass-is-half-empty-gal is overcoming the negative attitude, sharing the love of this apron, and taking a stab at winning this adorable apron.

I mean really, how cute would I be cooking up a storm in this thing. PS if I don't win this thing I might just try to imitate the thing...imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?


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