I am just a girl. A girl that loves a boy. A girl married to that boy. That boy and I are the happy-go-lucky parents to four handsome boys.

I spend my days doing all the regular momma-ing stuff. I diaper. I clean. I cook. I wash clothes. I fold clothes. I refold clothes that have been knocked down. I drive. I pick-up. I PTO. I hug. I give first-aide. I tuck in. I vanquish nightmares. I pray. I listen. I push swings. I give time outs. I laugh. I cry. I read books.

I vacuum. I make snacks. I throw parties. I give baths. I regulate teeth brushing and vitamin taking. I cuddle. I smile. I sigh. I love.I am loved.

Some of the things I L.O.V.E besides Hubby and my Little Men--

a good fluff read
the northwest
the rain
wrapping up in a blanket
girly dresses
fully stocked little boys clothing department
chips and salsa
cookie dough
white kitchens
a good work out
quiet evenings at home
vacuum lines in the carpet
my Savior
date night
check lists
spare time

In said spare time I like to create beautiful things. On any given day I might sew something or redo a room. I may just be planning a party. I also like to find and share the yummiest recipes. I am also always striving to learn new things and to share what I have learned.

This little blog is where I share it all--my mom-capades, my parties, my projects, my home, my recipes...basically it is where I share my crazy little life...

Please stay awhile. Let's be friends. Join me for just another day in my crazy, wonderful, funny little paradise.


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