Oct 31, 2008

Hallowen Part 2

This Halloween was rocking with fun things to do...AND we aren't even going to do everything! This installment is for Cole's preschool party. All the kids were so cute! There were of course a couple princesses, one being Tiger Lily from Peter Pan. We had a giant pink poodle, so cute. AND we can't forget our superheros. Cole was so excited when Tanner showed up as a power ranger because the princesses didn't appreciate his rough play.
All the mom's pitched in, creating quite a cute party. We played game, had a craft, and had lunch. All the extra babies (our little kids) did not have such a great time, but they hung in there.

So, obviously there will be a Halloween part 3, so I won't take up more space for this. Here are some pictures.

Oct 29, 2008

Be Careful This Halloween

Halloween Part 1

Last night was the much awaited ward Trunk-or-Treat. Our ward hasn't done one in years, but thanks to the YW this year we got one. I have been so excited for this little activity. Both Cole and Jack have been talking about it for days. I have been waiting excitedly for the debut of their costumes, last night was the first time they both had them on at the same time. My Batman and Robin were pretty cute.

They enjoyed the little carnival games, Cole was even the first one to get a cupcake in the cupcake walk...I made him eat it while I held it because the frosting was yellow, and there was no way I was getting that costume dirty!

It was a little bitter out, but they still all bundled up and trunk-or-treated. I sat huddled in our undecorated drunk and dropped candy in bags. The boys made quite a haul, one down, one to go.

Oct 28, 2008

Not So Shabby Baby Mama

Thank you shabby apple for hearing the cry of the feminine! The dresses you offer really do speak to the dolled up woman in us all. The clothing site http://www.shabbyapple.com/ is currently giving those desperate to be dolled up a chance to be a fashionista stylist and put together a must have look, with the added bonus that if the outfit is spectacular enough AND our little bio to go with the outfit is creative enough...wait for it...we could then win the entire outfit! Did you just hear choirs sing too? What's not to lose...well there is the start to my story.
Nine months, plus some extra undisclosed amount of time, later, this baby mama has shed her pregnancy skin, but what a journey getting there...

She had watched her familiar figure become not so familiar as she got closer to welcoming a little bundle of joy. As she got more excited for the new baby, she pushed back the nagging feeling that her new found back fat and accompanying junk in the trunk might be there to stay. After all, that is not what matter's most, right?

Baby comes, AHH so sweet. Euphoria, tenderness, love, crying, kisses, baby clothes, still in maternity clothes, cuddling, sleeplessness, diaper bags, bags under your eyes, STILL in maternity clothes, diapers, oohs and ahhs, fuzzy onesies, live in PJS, baby powder, baby shampoo, no shower...and finally it all clicks.

She seems to get this new mom thing down. She now can juggle breastfeeding while organizing a get together and folding laundry. She has enough sleep to start working out again, and loves the feel of a good sweat...and okay saying goodbye to the back fat and the junk in the trunk. She is a champion diaper changer and can pack a diaper bag in under 1 minute. She seems to have taken care of all the needs of her family...oh wait, how is poor hubby?

AW, he looks a little tired too? He looks a little lonely and left out? Time for a plan, but what to do. Baby sneezes, oh know, hubby will have to wait. While baby mama is expertly checking out symptoms of her babies sniffles on Web MD her thoughts lead from an apple a day keeps the doctor away to a shabby apple intervention is just what the doctor ordered.

Shabby Apple, that's it. This baby mama is looking pretty and feeling pretty good, it is time for a night out with hubby. With several clicks of her mouse she has put together a perfect outfit for this not just baby mama, but hot mama. Not only will this dress make all the squats, lunges, and sit-ups worth it, but maybe it will help her sweet helpful, but still lonely hubby, know she, his adoring wife, now mother of his child, was never too far away. Watch out here she comes.

So nine months later, plus some undisclosed amount of time, later, this baby mama sheds her mama wear (yoga pants, tee, and sneakers) and puts on the dress of her dreams, accented by the perfect shoes and bag, OF COURSE, and viola...she is one hot mama and wife.

Oct 24, 2008

Crazy Eights

I normally don't do these because I don't even have enough time to post a normal post, but just for you Melissa, Here it is:

Eight Shows I like to Watch:

The Office
Biggest Loser
So You Think You Can Dance
What Not to Wear
Most anything on Food Network (except Semi Homemade)
Project Runway
Gilmore Girls reruns

Eight Restaurants I like to eat at:

PF Changs
Red Robin
Johnny B's (Sandwich not diner)
Any place that serves GOOD sandwiches

Eight things that I've Done today:

Worked out
Washed Dishes
Cleaned the Playroom (this should count for all 8 since I do it 100x a day)
Changed a diaper
Sewed the rest of boys Halloween Costume
Put Boys down for Nap
Did a Little Happy Dance

Eight Things I am looking forward to:

Halloween and seeing my cute kids all dressed up
Thanksgiving and seeing family
Getting to scrapbook again
Knowing what is going on with Spencer's j0b
Having this baby (did you catch that for those who didn't know???)
Being done with babysitting
A good nights sleep

Eight Things on my wish list:

Healthy Hubby and Kids
Funds to redo house (or hey get a new one)
To see my family
To not balloon up in my pregnancy
Stacy and Clinton to redo my wardrobe
A vaca with my hubby
A giant family trip to Disneyland
A bigger family car

Eight people to tag: (Sorry ahead of time)


Oct 21, 2008

Our Past Week of Autumn

Leading up to the bday event we had quite a few fun fall days. On Thursday we went to the pumpkin patch with Cole's preschool group. We had a great time. It was wonderfully chilly, I loved it...except for the fact that I only wore a sweater, my bad. Overall the day was marvelous, we only had one mishap when Cole lost one of his brand new shoes in a deep pile of hay at the end of a slide. If it weren't for a sweet lady helping me, that shoe might be lost to us forever, OR a couple of random kids might have been yelled at (these were kids that kept barreling down the slide while I was at the bottom looking for the shoe. They would ask what I was looking for and then climb back up to the top and shoot right back down. Lovely!).

Cole's Class

Cole on the Wagon Ride

Cole GQ'n it

Jack not enjoying the Hay Barn

Happier Now

Friday I had a day off from babysitting, so Spencer decided to take the day off as well so that we could have a family day. We decided to drive a little south to the Hocking Hills area and go hiking. It is a beautiful area, and even more beautiful in the fall. The boys had a great time, and we had a great time watching them enjoy themselves. It was a special treat to get to have a family day in the work week. The boys loved the time with dad. We went on a couple of different hikes. Cole insisted on having a walking stick, even though it was bigger than he was. One of the hikes ends in a big pond area and the boys spent quite a bit of time throwing rocks in. Dad was the main attraction with his ability to skip the rocks. I came in a close second when I was willing to dig up bigger rocks so that they could heave them in. It was a great day.

Hocking Hills

The Boys

Mom and Cole in a Cave

Jack Resting

Cole Throwing Rock In

Oct 18, 2008


Success! We did it!

So obviously the cake went well! I am not normally one who is perfectly thrilled with what I accomplish, but I gotta say I was so happy with how this turned out that I giggled with glee every time I saw the thing. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to my friend Jenny who helped talk me down and for all the star piping. Plus she stayed super late just to revel in the finished project with me. So one more time Thank You Jenny

So we might look a little punch
drunk, it was almost 11:00. But I don't think we could have
been any happier.

Enough cake, on to the PARTY!
Jack's party was this afternoon and we all had a great time. His little friends came over and did a dinosaur hunt with us. They all looked so cute in their little paper bag vests. The dinosaur eggs were a big hit. I think this age for parties is great because you don't have to do a whole lot to entertain. They love to just play. We had a dinosaur lunch, dino chicken nuggets, dinosaur bones (pretzels) and dinosaur eggs (grapes). Lunch was not as big of a hit as playing with all the new eggs and dinosaurs that they found. Then it was the big moment for the cake, there is always a little tear when you have to cute into it, especially when someone asks for a piece of the head (no! not the head!). After even more playing, it was time for presents. Jack got great presents from all his friends and already loves playing with them (as does Cole). Thank you to all our little friends and their moms for coming and playing with us. We had a great time.

Dinosaur Hunt!

Time for Cake!


Oct 15, 2008

Prepping for Jack Being 2

One of my very first posts was a run down of things I had to get done for Cole's 4th birthday. Well, I am not going to post a run down for Jack's. For several reasons, 1) Who really wants to read that?, 2) I don't feel as overwhelmed with Jack's party, AND 3) Ultimately that is because he is turning 2 and I realized that I could show some control and plan a more subdued party, so there isn't much to list.

He is having a dinosaur hunt for his party. Mostly it is just a get together for him to play with his friends. The one activity I did plan is a dinosaur hunt. The kids are going to wear little explorer vests (brown paper bags), take their binoculars (toilet paper tubes), and search for dinosaur eggs (plastic Easter eggs) and then a real dinosaur. I am pretty much done with all of that. I think that the dinosaur hunt bags turned out pretty cute. They were pretty easy to make and really cheap. Don't look too close I do not claim to be an expert seamstress.

The only big thing I have left to make is the dinosaur cake. I found a picture online that I wanted to use, but there were no instructions, YIKES! Thankfully my friend Jenny is going to come over on Friday and we are going to "Ace of Cakes" that sucker! Anticipate pictures of our success!

Oct 3, 2008

New Family Pictures

It only took us 4 years and the kindness of a really good friend to get these portraits done. Thanks Rochie. I think that these turned out really well, and obviously I can't post them all, so here are some favorites.


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