Feb 17, 2008

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF

SO here is the "blasted" cake for Cole's space party. The whole process wasn't as smooth as I had anticipated. It took three cake mixes, and the middle main layer, which was baked in a pamper chef 8 cup measuring cup, took a couple extra nukes in the microwave to get the middle cooked. Talk about a pain. Also, p.s. fondant does not taste good.

Still, it turned about pretty cute and it was fun to be creative and think of ways to top it off (a tiny funnel rapped in blue duct tape) and ways to make it look like an actual rocket (the bottom is a cake plate and four cups wrapped in foil).

AND Cole thought it was the very coolest thing.


Nyree said...

Again!!! You amaze me!

Dave Dyk said...

Holy cow, that looks like one stinkin' cool party. I'm sure your son loved it. :) You know, you could totally make a business out of that talent, if you ever wanted. ;) I'm super impressed!!

Dr Z said...

Awesome cake! I actually enjoy doing cakes myself. The recent castle on our family sight was a little lame, but the pirate ship last year was decent. I love the rocket. I'll have to show our kids.


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