Mar 7, 2008

10 of my Favs

So I was blog snooping the other day and I got this idea from a friend's friend's blog. I thought it was a fun post and I decided that I would got through our pictures and pick my favorite 10. Yeah, if you know my picture taking addiction you know how hard this was for me. I am still debating while I am typing this sentence if I picked the right 10. To be fair I did 5 of Cole and 5 of Jack. Some I knew right away, and others made me giggle or smile as I saw them. I am sure this will be the first of many, my favs installments. You should go through your pictures too.

This was from our first Christmas Card. I happened to get just the right smirk from Cole.

No I am not a bad mom for liking this picture. This is from Cole's first major injury, Cole vs. a ceiling fan. This was the next morning, imagine my shock to see this shiner.

Do I really have to explain why I like this one of COLE (i know looks like Jack huh!)

Aww, my gap baby and his big brown eyes...let us not also forget the trucker hat.

This is one of my all time favorites. It captures the eyes, the lashes, and those blond curls, which are no more. Boo hoo.

New born Jack, all jaundice and with the binkie that would become a permanent fixture. This picture was in his birth announcement.

I know this has both kids in it, but I just love this kissing picture.

Every time I see this picture I giggle. To this day he still loves drinking out of my water mug.

This was from a pumpkin patch, which is one of my very favorite activities all year. He was so happy to be there.

I know I have already blogged this picture, but really who would not love the pathetic look on his face.


JasonDebbie said...

That picture of Cole into the box of "adult stuff" is so funny!! Kaitlyns gotten into my boxes of feminine stuff and stuck them all over herself. And theres a classic story I have to tell you but only over email because its too embarassing for everyone to read, so remind me. And I understand the binkie thing, if it was up to creighton, he would have binkies until he was an old man, it was hard to get him to stop, I had to just hide them all or throw them away and just stop and put up with the begging and crying for about a week and then it stopped mostly.

Nyree said...

Your boys are way too cute! I remember the ceiling fan incident.. that was sad. I love those pictures. It makes me miss you guys even more. I too understand the binky thing. I guess I should take blame for forcing a binky onto her for reasons we all know.


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