Oct 28, 2008

Not So Shabby Baby Mama

Thank you shabby apple for hearing the cry of the feminine! The dresses you offer really do speak to the dolled up woman in us all. The clothing site http://www.shabbyapple.com/ is currently giving those desperate to be dolled up a chance to be a fashionista stylist and put together a must have look, with the added bonus that if the outfit is spectacular enough AND our little bio to go with the outfit is creative enough...wait for it...we could then win the entire outfit! Did you just hear choirs sing too? What's not to lose...well there is the start to my story.
Nine months, plus some extra undisclosed amount of time, later, this baby mama has shed her pregnancy skin, but what a journey getting there...

She had watched her familiar figure become not so familiar as she got closer to welcoming a little bundle of joy. As she got more excited for the new baby, she pushed back the nagging feeling that her new found back fat and accompanying junk in the trunk might be there to stay. After all, that is not what matter's most, right?

Baby comes, AHH so sweet. Euphoria, tenderness, love, crying, kisses, baby clothes, still in maternity clothes, cuddling, sleeplessness, diaper bags, bags under your eyes, STILL in maternity clothes, diapers, oohs and ahhs, fuzzy onesies, live in PJS, baby powder, baby shampoo, no shower...and finally it all clicks.

She seems to get this new mom thing down. She now can juggle breastfeeding while organizing a get together and folding laundry. She has enough sleep to start working out again, and loves the feel of a good sweat...and okay saying goodbye to the back fat and the junk in the trunk. She is a champion diaper changer and can pack a diaper bag in under 1 minute. She seems to have taken care of all the needs of her family...oh wait, how is poor hubby?

AW, he looks a little tired too? He looks a little lonely and left out? Time for a plan, but what to do. Baby sneezes, oh know, hubby will have to wait. While baby mama is expertly checking out symptoms of her babies sniffles on Web MD her thoughts lead from an apple a day keeps the doctor away to a shabby apple intervention is just what the doctor ordered.

Shabby Apple, that's it. This baby mama is looking pretty and feeling pretty good, it is time for a night out with hubby. With several clicks of her mouse she has put together a perfect outfit for this not just baby mama, but hot mama. Not only will this dress make all the squats, lunges, and sit-ups worth it, but maybe it will help her sweet helpful, but still lonely hubby, know she, his adoring wife, now mother of his child, was never too far away. Watch out here she comes.

So nine months later, plus some undisclosed amount of time, later, this baby mama sheds her mama wear (yoga pants, tee, and sneakers) and puts on the dress of her dreams, accented by the perfect shoes and bag, OF COURSE, and viola...she is one hot mama and wife.

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The Brugger Bunch said...

LOL!!!! I am still laughing!!! Have you ever thought about writing a book? You have incredible wit and a wonderful writing style! The dress by the way is sooooo cute!


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