Nov 15, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Okay everyone the time is drawing closer to find out what this new (and most likely last) wee one will be.

Spencer got all technical and handy and put a poll on the website. He was pretty proud of himself, but I realized if I didn't post anything new people might not see his addition to our family blog. So to help him out here is a new post.

Feel free to "vote" and share your insight into the sex of this new baby. Cole insists it is a girl, and when he calls it a she and then I remind him it could be a he, he says, "for now, mom lets just say she". Child intuition or logic in thinking he already has a brother shouldn't he now get a sister?

T minus 3 days!


The Brugger Bunch said...

Oh I am so excited for you... I can hardly wait to see what it is! I am going to guess BOY, because your have a perfect record for making the most adorable sons!

Kinsey Pistorius said...

I'm going with Cole - Drew knew this one was a girl as well and I just think they know! :)

Nyree said...

I am seriously super excited for you! I understand your reasoning for thinking it's a boy. You probably can't comprehend any different! I understand-but on the girl side of it :) But I think it's a girl for you sweetie. why not?? I'm excited to find out... I'll be checking the blog.

Dave Dyk said...

I can't wait to find out! I'm going to keep checking all day until you post the big news!


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