Dec 4, 2008

Minimal Decking of Our Halls

It is a tradition to put up the Christmas stuff the day after Thanksgiving. We might have fudged a little this year. Everything went up two days after Thanksgiving...oh no! I came back that day after a second day of shopping and Spencer had put up our tree, which then led me to do a little Christmas cheer. All I had to do now was decorate the tree in my special anal way!

After only a short time, everything was displayed in all it's holiday glory. Now it took only a short time because our supply of Christmas decor is in limited supply. I laughed when I realized that all of our decorations (for the most part) came from our very first Christmas when we had extra money.

Here is my holiday decor wish list:

Willow Tree Nativity Set (it only took my mom 25 years to get this)
Red Berry Christmas Wreath
Kids Christmas Tree (one just for their "special" homemade ornaments)
More Cute and Charming Decorations

So most of these things are completely unnecessary, and actually have nothing to do with the real meaning of Christmas...which is probably why I have talked myself out of them for the last several years. Still a girl can dream here and there!

On the plus side, we finally got a nativity set this year. Thanks mom and dad. It may be meant for the kids, but it is under the family tree for all to enjoy. It will be a nice stand in until I can get my willow tree one!

Yes, that is a Fisher Price Little People Nativity


Holly Wilcox said...

That is the BEST nativity set. We got one two years ago and the kids love it. I just need to find it now amongst the boxes. I agree with your list too. I really want a berry wreath. I've been eying this tree outside covered in red berries, thinking of what I could do with it. I'm just impressed you got to decorating so soon. I don't do anything when I'm pregnant.

JasonDebbie said...

I want the willow tree one too! And I'm going to do the "special tree" thingy next year, good idea.

rachael said...

we have the same nativity! my kids love it! and i love the willow tree nativity! i have been given it over the last several years. i have this amazing stable too...just keep watching and'll get it! i can't wait to see the gorgeous christmas tree...loves

Jenny said...

Although you might think it's minimal, I think it looks great! We are in the same boat, I wish I had more to decorate with...or let's just say "more" meaning better stuff--like V&C...who I still covet her house BTW. My dream is to someday have the Willow Tree nativity...a girl can only hope. I'm pondering doing some Christmas crafts, but I need some motivation! OH, and I bought my kids that nativity set this year and we are going to have a special FHE on monday to give it to them...I think it will be a big hit...PLUS we needed some type of nativity in the house since I've been holding out for the "good" one!


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