Mar 5, 2009

Too Much Nesting...Now I Rest

Okay rest kind of. Yesterday I decided that I was fit and able to clear out, tape off, and 2 coat paint the boys room ( Not like anyone cares, the room used to be blue now it is khaki). It was a bright and sunny day so I threw open the window and got started.

What was I thinking?

About halfway through I was dying. I ached all over and I was feeling pretty light-headed (ps Spencer was not here other wise I am sure he would have put his foot down to the whole mess). But what was a girl to do? I didn't want to have to wash the brushes out twice, plus you get so far and you just want to finish.

Needless to say I over did it and am wiped out today. We are officially having a jammie day, there is where the resting is coming in. I just feel that with the birth of Case coming soon I can't rest too much. So on to the next project...but at least with this one I can sit on my bum.

Here is the start of my next project- I know you are all so curious!

Hopefully we will get the boys room done on Saturday...I look forward to seeing the culmination of all of my ideas.
Another side note...I finally posted new recipes on the recipe blogs...I don't really expect anyone to care, but there are some yummy delights there. OH and I can hear you asking yourselves, "If she has all the projects to do, then why the heck is she spending time blogging?" I am resting my friends, resting.


The Brugger Bunch said...

You are amazing!!!! I cannot believe that you even tried to tackle such a huge project!! You go! I need some nesting energy, lol, send some this way! I can't wait to see the finished project, you always do such cute things!

Holly Wilcox said...

Well, I'm amazed that you got it done- and that you are okay. I tried to remove the wallpaper in our kitchen when I was pregnant- dry wall came down with it- and then it stayed like that for a year. After B was born I finally re-sized the wall and painted. Stick to the crafty projects till you have that baby!
I love seeing how your house is coming along.
BTW, once you get a taste of getting free shampoo, pain reliever, dish soap, etc; you can't stop. So, don't start until you are ready.


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