Nov 10, 2009

It's About Love

Most of you know my hubby is an adoption worker. He has been able to experience the joy that is adoption over the last four years through both adoptive couples and birth parents.

There have been several times over these past several years that I have been able to go to different Family Supporting Adoption activities/conferences with him. Every time my testimony and support of adoption grows even more. At the end of October, I was able to go to a regional FSA conference with him. Here families who have adopted, in the waiting part of adoption and/or are in the just starting phase of adoption gathered together for support and learning. The joy I saw in these families who were blessed through adoption still brings tears to my eyes. The longing that I saw in those families waiting brings even more tears.

One of my favorite parts of this conference was a birth grandparent (who I LOVE listening to...I have heard her story several times) talking about her family's experience with adoption and her love of adoption advocacy.

She shared the journey of her daughter deciding to place her baby for adoption. She openly shares the heartache that came with making a difficult decision to do what she knew was right. This decision was made because she LOVED her baby and wanted that baby to be raised in a home with a mom and dad. She knew there were things she alone could not provide. With complete and loving support from her parents, who also knew adoption was the best thing, their daughter was able to give her baby more. Heartache turned to joy, not only for the birth mom and her family, but also for a couple who had longed to add to their family. You can only imagine the testimony this birth family now has of adoption and the great adoption advocates they are.

The class was also about being an advocate of adoption. There are so many ways to be an advocate of adoption. I think the most important thing is to change the perception of adoption and to let people see how much love and courage is truly involved in these birth moms placing their sweet babies for adoption.

I just wanted to take some blog space and do a tiny advocating for adoption today. I know it is a very sensitive and tender topic, and all I want is to share my testimony and feelings on its importance.

I have seen the joy that comes from adoption. I have seen the hand of God in the miracle of adoption. I know that these birth moms are selflessly making the hardest decision they will ever make in placing a baby for adoption. It is selfless because they feel all the love a mother feels for her baby and because of that love they want more for that baby. Even amidst wanting more and having the small comfort that it is the right decision, it is still painful. It is selfless because even in that pain, she still thinks about her sweet baby more than herself and gives her baby more than she can offer...she gives her baby a mom and a dad. Nothing says it better than this...

Adoption- It's About Love

Love of a birth mom to want and give more to her baby. Love of a couple waiting and wanting to add to their family. Love of a birth mother's parents to encourage and support her in this most loving decision even if it is hard for them, for that baby is a part of them too. Love. It is all about love.

I am grateful that through my hubby's work I have been able to gain a better understanding and testimony of adoption. I know this will be just the beginning of my role as an adoption advocate, for when you know something is good and right, it seems only fitting to share the love.

A site I encourage you to visit is . November is National Adoption Month, do a little advocating yourself.

Share the LOVE.


Keri said...

that post put me into tears. Im not sure if it was the topic or seeing that cute picture of your three boys cuddled together up top. Maybe a little both. oh how I love being pregnant and I love caring for those sweet tiny newborns. Unfortunately I fight myself every day tooth and nail to close that chapter in my life. My husband will not even consider a 4th child due to my health. he feels like we are darn lucky to have 3 cute little boys no more risking their Mother and His wife. I guess im just selfish and want more. I feel like there a 4th and i hold grudges against my cancer that wont allow me reach that dream. But after reading your post you have softened my heart. Could there be a 4th? In just a different more spiritual way? who knows through time we will find those answers, but through your post i found hope. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Nyree said...

I have seen adoption bless lives in my own fmaily too. Chad and I both have adopted neices and nephews on each side. How amazing it is to see these children brought in and loved like they were born into the family. My neice was brought out of a poverty stricken orphange and now has the gospel and is very loved! Chad's neice and nephew were a huge blessing to their parents who tried for over 15 years to have their own. We can't imagine life without any of them. It's a very selfless thing to let go of your child to give them a better life. I look at my baby and cant't comprehend the thought of giving her up (even if I was in a different situation)... what an anazing kind of girl that takes!

Dave Dyk said...

I didn't know that was Spencer's job. That's wonderful. Thanks for sharing this post. I have seen many happy endings result from adoption. :)


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