Mar 24, 2010

Houston, We Have A Problem

So I had a post all ready to go this morning, with a very witty title I might add. Photos taken. Photos fixed in photoshop. Witty dialog soon to ensue.

AND then blogger happened.

I do not claim to be technologically savvy, never have been, never will be.

What is going on with this thing? The posting set up is all wack-a-doodle. I can't even upload a picture.

I have heard that sometimes you can reach a limit with blogger...oh know have I crossed such a line??? Or is this simply a glitch in the system that will work itself out and I am lacking patience....

...or is this a way to remind me that I have other things that need to get done today, and that I should not be sitting here giving myself an ulcer over blogger.

Um...yeah, it is probably that. Off I go to finish my project for Cole's school, tackle the pile of laundry, make my bed, wash some dishes, and clean some toilets.

Thank You Blogger for reminding me I have other responsibilities today.

PS If anyone has any clue what is happening, feel free to shoot me some advice. Me and my ulcer appreciate it.

1 comment:

Jen said...

you might check order "edit post." If blogger was doing its job, it would save your post as a draft. Good Luck!


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