Apr 5, 2010

The Hard Part About Coming Back From Vacay

FIRST- If you are looking for the TIE Giveaway go HERE or just scroll down, hehe since it is the next post. Remember it closes Wednesday, April 7th at midnight.

I am pretty sure what I don't like about coming back from a vacation is the same as what everyone doesn't like. Having to deal with this...

...and now I have to do laundry, put stuff away, and deal with that mystery smell that welcomed us when we stepped in the door. So today I clean.

At least I have fond memories from the weekend before to play over in my head as I try to find my happy place while cleaning the toilets no that is not where the mystery smell is coming from.

We had a great Easter weekend, I hope you all did too.

1 comment:

Nyree said...

Geez Larissa, where did you go? You were blessed with sunny skies! Lucky girl! Have fun cleaning.


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