Apr 30, 2010

My Dream To-Do List

I have a dream to do list. You know the list of things that you would accomplish if money and time were no object...oh and if I didn't need to do that whole motherin' thing.

My dream to-do list grows pretty much by the second, but here are some of the things on it RIGHT now.


Replace all the ugly doors in my house with these lovelies...

Jeld-Wen Doors

Organize all my shelves and closets so that everything is pretty and so that I don't have to gasp in horror if someone besides me has to open said closets.

source unknown aka this has been in my to-do folder to long to remember

Make my stairway look like this...okay so I would have to knock down a wall, but seriously have you checked out this molding!!!!! Sigh.

source unknown aka my brain FORGOT where I JUST got this

I would love to make myself one of these. I heart this.

tutorial for Ucreate by At Second Street

Go shopping and buy myself this pretty stylin' dress...

...to go with these stylin shoes. OH and since I am all dressed up maybe I could go on a date with hubby.

Or maybe I could just stay home all dressed up and make this AWESOME little number.

Alas, instead I am doing this today...



and maybe I will get to take a shower.

BUT...tomorrow is Saturday. That means hubby is home. We might still be weeding but we will be doing it as a fam. Good times.

MONDAY will come soon enough and will be glorious I am sure...AFTER ALL I might have another giveaway and it might be from someone pretty cool...no not me, although I am pretty cool. 


Amanda said...

Oh girl!! How I hope someone can make you that cake for Moms day. You deserve it!!


Amy said...

Hmmm, weeding or rainbow cake? Have a great weekend :D

Amy said...

You forgot to add to your list to visit the town of your birth...for more than just to celebrate the fact that you born there :) By the way I got your message and have been meaning to call you back. Now that I'm finished making mother day gifts maybe it will happen.

Melissa said...

Hey! I just posted a little about the tie on my laundry tips post. You will see why. Thanks so much for the ties. They are amazing.


kp said...

I just found your blog because I read V and Co, but didn't want to leave this comment under the giveaway section. This is random, but is your husband Spencer? There just aren't too many zitzmans. I knew him when he lived in Vacaville a long time ago. So I guess I just wanted to leave a note to say hi, and because it's so crazy random.


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