Aug 5, 2010

Lightning + Computer = Cryface

Here is a tip- when a raging lightning storm is flashing outside, turn off your computer.

Otherwise, your computer might just get a boo boo.

I should know, we have had to abruptly say farewell to our computer screen.

Thank heavens the hard drive is just peachy, and my hubby's ipod touch is available.

Cross your fingers and send happy thoughts my way and this will be just a tiny bump in my road.

It really is Just Another Day in Paradise!

Friday I am introducing myself over at Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Sumo's Sweet Stuff would be lovely if you went and said hi.


Larissa said...

Ugh, I lost an AC adapter to a storm. Sorry about your casualty. I saw your post on Sumo's Sweet Stuff and had to say hi... because I'm a Larissa too!

Christie // lemon squeezy home said...

We had major problems with our hard drive from lightening! We bought a surge protector and have never had anything happen again. I'm sorry!


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