Sep 15, 2010

Guest Post: Craftiness is Not Optional

I am SO excited to have Jessica here today. I seriously HEART her blog. If you have never been over there, make sure to put it on your blogging to do list. Her site is AH-mazing. It is full of fabulous sewing projects. The kind that make you want to bust out your sewing machine and spend the afternoon sewing.

Here are a couple of my favorite projects from Jessica-

I wasn't kidding around when I said she was awesome.

So while I am laying on the beach with the clear blue Hawaiian water lapping onto my toes, here is Jessica to give you a great t-shirt embellishment tutorial.

Hi everyone! I'm Jessica, from Craftiness is not Optional.

I would like to show you a fun tee shirt embellishment. yeah? ok!

Buy two shirts, one to cut up, one to wear. Cut strips from the cutter about 1/2 inch wide.

 braid together like on more strips as you go. 

(tip: stagger the new strips so the seams are easier to hide)

 sew onto neckline!

 you're done! 

I debated adding another row...I may still do that.

hello collar bone. and messy fabric shelves. good model pose, huh?

Thanks for having me Larissa! hope you're having fun on vaca!


Cole's Corner said...

WOW! I'm off to check your blog. Cute stuff!

Tasha said...

Yes, she is definitely super amazing! (Just like you)

Aunt Suzi Quilts said...

I agree: Amazing!

Luciana Soriano said...

Your tutorials are amazing!!! I loved this one and I'll try it as soon as possible!

I'm following your blog, ok?

I have a blog too, but in Portuguese. But I'd be happy if you visited me!

Have a nice day!

Lu (

Unknown said...

Love it. thanks for sharing


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