Oct 15, 2010

Sophisticated Instead of Spooky:Halloween Tutorial

So you say you still don't have a Halloween wreath on your door? Hey me neither until just a couple of days ago. I decided last minute...while walking through the fabric store for more costume fabric...that I wanted to make a wreath. There was a catch though, it couldn't cost a lot since I have spent way too much on costumes AND it couldn't take a lot of time because of previously mentioned costumes.

Did I mention I also wanted something a little more sophisticated instead of spooky? No pressure, right?

Well, with minimal cost or effort I whipped up three of these classy (if I do say so myself) babies.

You will need:

straw wreaths
black spray paint ( I used about 1 and 1/2 cans for three)
orange print fabric

How to:

1. Take hay wreaths, I recommend not unwrapping them in your house. They are messy boogers.

2. Lightly coat one side of all the wreaths. Repeat until desired coverage. Then flip them over and repeat on the other side. Let them dry for a day.

This is a picture of my first couple coats. My overall coverage was MUCH darker than this. 

3. Cut 3" strips of orange fabric the length that you need. I didn't even sew the one for my door. I just looped it around the wreath and then knotted the top. You might need to sew across the top if you are placing somewhere with out a wreath hanger.

4. Hang it on your door, windows or walls.

What  lovely way to say "Boo!"


Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Love it! I'm not a big Halloween person, so this is perfect for me. Hope this stuff is on sale at JoAnn!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

very classy-thats my kind of halloween decor too!

Jessica said...

This is so simple and I love how it turned out!
I just finished making your felt fishing set and posted about it on my blog. Thanks so much for all the great ideas! You've really inspired me to sew more.


Young Schumom said...

Love this idea! I decided to spray mine black also, and then with the changing of the seasons just buy different ribbon. Gives a new look and saves money, my kind of craft! Just one question, how did you hang them? I can not really tell in the pictures and being new to all this do-it-your-self crafts I am a little in the dark. Thanks! p.s. LOVE your blog!


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