Nov 2, 2010

I Heart Mail

FIRST- I realized I never announced a winner for the Abbisolutely pattern giveaway...blame it on my Halloween costume coma.

So our winner is-

#12 Alyssa, congrats! Email me with you info and I will get that to Abbie.


Who doesn't right? 

When something comes especially for you...that isn't attached to an amount due by or a lucky you, you qualify for our new credit card..but that is beautiful and just glorious and sent for the sole purpose of making your day.

Well a couple of weeks ago I got just such a delightful piece of mail.

Remember Jessica from Just Enough Style and her lovely earrings?

Guess what? 

She sent me a pair of my very own beautiful earrings. 

Oh how excited was I! I mean seriously, get past my no make up face and that fact that I took this shot of myself, and how wonderful are those earrings in all their corally loveliness???

I LOVE them. I have already worn them a TON.

Go and check out her site. These earrings come in so many colors and they are so affordable. I already have them on my gift list for my favorite girlies.


Jessica said...

I'm so glad that you love the earrings. They look amazing on you! Thanks again so much for doing a giveaway and blogging about my shop. It made my day. :)

ColleenandKendra said...

They are beautiful, and you look fantastic, too. Makes me have pierced earring envy. My lobes are pierce-less. Three attempts when I was a teen, but never worked. :-(

Unknown said...

Yay! This makes my day!! I never win anything!
my email is celtic.seeker (at) or alyssa_J_S (at) also works

Thank you for the giveaway!

I tried emailing you but haven't gotten any response


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