Dec 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Our Christmas was all that was glorious. We spent it all snuggled in our home, warm and cozy with a blanket of snow outside. We held all of our favorite family traditions. Here is a photo recap of the ones I remembered to take pictures of.

Christmas Eve
yummers...sugar cookies for Santa...and some for us.

new jammies
letters to Santa


We also enjoyed remembering the real reason for the season, our Savior's birth. We enjoyed time with our little family and enjoyed seeing our Little Men play so well and happily together. 

Now to another year...I can't believe it.


Stockhoff Family said...

It looks glorious!! Thanks for the great pictures. Love you all Mom

Tanya said...

looks grand!

Amanda said...

fun! Owen git the same jammies as Jack :) Santa must love Target too.

Amanda said...

haha! I meant "got"


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