Jun 30, 2011

Brazilian Lemonade

So. So. So. Good.

I had seen this recipe on Our Best Bites and wanted to make it, but I kept passing it by. Probably because I barely get it together to make real meals, so making fancy lemonade was put on the back burner. 

In Idaho I was able to get their actual cookbook AND get it signed by the real life fabulous foodies of Our Best Bites. As I was flipping through the pages, and drooling, I once again was drawn to this recipe. THIS time I decided I just had to make it.

No joke, the day after getting back I packed all 3 Little Men in the car went to the grocery store for what I called "a provisions run" but in all reality I just went to get the ingredients for this drink.

Oh goodness. That is what it was...goodness.

This was the perfect Summer afternoon/evening/anytime of the day drink. It was so refreshing. So limey and lovely. I seriously refilled a couple-few more times.

So basically, I highly encourage you to make a lime run to the store...you will not be disappointed.

Brazilian Lemonade 

4-5 limes
1 cup sugar
6 cups cold water
6 Tablespoons sweetened condensed milk

Mix cold water and sugar really well. Chill until ready to use...basically until really close to serving.

When you are almost ready to serve, wash limes because you will be using the whole lime. Cut off the ends of the limes and then cut into eighths. Place half of the limes in a blender and then pour half of the water/sugar mixture in the blender too. Pulse the blender several times, I did about 6-7. 

Place a fine mesh strainer over the mouth of the pitcher you will be serving your lemonade from. Pour the lime mixture into the strainer, allowing the liquid to go into your pitcher and the lime rinds to stay in the strainer. 

Repeat with the second half of the limes and the water/sugar mixture.

Then add the sweetened condensed milk.

Taste. If it is a little bitter you can add a touch more sugar or milk.

Serve immediately over lots of crushed ice.

Kick back, sip up this delightful drink and enjoy your Summer.


Tasha said...

Mmmmm...I need to try this one!! I am a bit loving summer refreshing drinks right now.

Rachel said...

oh I love that stuff! I never knew you blended the limes though. Good trick to have.

Belinda said...

That sounds and looks wonderful! I've never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Unknown said...

This sounds so good! Must make this tonight. Thanks for the recipe.

Maggie and Sheepie said...

Oh how I wish our blender didn't just break!

Celeste said...

I made this tonight at my in-laws and it was a huge hit! Thanks Larissa!


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