Aug 10, 2011

Boredom Buster: Soda Surprise

We are STILL in a hotel. Funny how the best laid plans can drastically change on a person!
We had thought we would be in our new home several weeks now...instead our
temporary home has been a hotel. I miss cleaning my own home...CRAZY, right? I miss
my bed. I miss the rest of my wardrobe. I miss cooking my own meals. I miss decorating, sewing,
and all things creative. Oh well.

Here is a post I started before we moved. It has just been sitting in my edit box. Thought I
would throw it out today. I do have another moving post for you...but I keep losing motivation
to edit pictures and download them...SO lazy. So today you get this little post.

Nothing fancy...but we did have fun with this project so I am sharing it today.

THANK YOU everyone for your kind words and thoughts!!!
Okay on with the post....

My kids get bored. Say what? Yours do too! Say it isn't so.

My kids bet bored EVEN when I there is outdoors, swimming, running, reading, friends, eating...they still just get bored.

I think hearing "mom, I am bored" over and over again is my payback for spending glorious sunny and perfect summer days as a kid saying the same whine repeatedly.

So the other day days ago I came across an idea to freeze Kool-Aid into ice cube trays. Then once the sugary goodness is done freezing, you can add the ice cubes into any clear sprite type beverage.

My Little Men LOVED the whole process. They loved that they actually got to see Kool-Aide...a rare occurrence in our house. They loved making colorful, tasty ice cubes. They loved getting to drink soda. They loved watching the colorful cubes start to melt and change the soda colors. AND they loved how yummy the Surprise Soda was.

All you need to do to make your own Soda Surprise is make a couple flavors of Kool-aid. Freeze some into ice cube trays (which I had to buy because I didn't own makers are killing off ice cube trays). Once they are frozen, let your kids each pick out two-three cubes...try different colors. Put the cubes into a see through cup of sprite, 7-up, fresca...and watch the magic. The cubes will start to dissovle and they will turn the clear liquid a rainbow of colors.

SUPER fun. A perfect activity for a hot summer day.

Have a great day friends!!!


Tasha said...

I am so sorry you are still in a hotel!!! No fun.

Love this soda idea. My kids would love it too!!

Foundinthe-ALI said...

Good Idea! You could aso use soda water (or the orange soda water) to cut back on some of the sugar :)

Lorie said...

How fun! I know my son would love this! His baseball coach made gatorade for the team by mixing a bunch of different flavors and he thought it was the coolest thing!

Thanks for sharing the idea! I will be featuring it tomorrow.

Beth @ Free Stylin' said...

What a cute idea - my boys will love it! Thanks for something new to try. I am out of ideas!!

Lesley said...

I'll definitely be trying this! Thanks so much. I found your blog thorough Pinterest for handmade puppets. Yours are the cutest out there- thank you SO much for sharing!


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