Jan 15, 2012

In a Nutshell: Science, Nesting, House of Order

Around here this week there were only three things really occurring.

First-half of the family has been sick. No, sorry no photographic evidence of that. Believe you me, a really pregnant, sleep deprived, unable-to-take meds, stuffy-nosed, hacking person (ps that is me if you guys were wondering) should NOT, I repeat NOT be seen or photographed.

Second-there was some science that went on in our house. I posted about some of our experiments yesterday. Those were from my Pinterest boards. We also got a science experiment book for Christmas. The boys have been really excited (oh by the way boys includes my Hubby too).

The first experiment was more of an EGGsperiment...hahaha...sorry couldn't help myself.


Basically it was an experiment using an egg.

Raw egg peeler, huh? Well we were intrigued.

You basically take a raw egg and put it in a glass cup.

Then you cover it with white vinegar.

You let it take a relaxing vinegar bath for 4-6 days. That is right, 4-6 days. Then it will look a little something like this--

Upon closer inspection (yes we just scooped the egg right out of the glass), the shell seems to have disappeared.

However, that is not the really cool part. The really cool part is that the egg is now soft and slightly squishy!

Say what?!? Believe it!.

This was an easy experiment, setting aside the fact that you also have to teach a lesson in patience to your little ones. My boys loved watching the changes that took place over the week. They especially loved feeling the squishy egg at the end.

Okay, remember we are still counting down the only three things I got done this week. That long novel above was the second thing I got done this week. On to the last.

Third-a whole lot of nesting was done at our house this week. Of course it was done in between feeling well and feeling sick, but Hubby and I still managed to get a lot done.

We hung up some stuff. Stuff that should have been hung up before living here 4 and a half months...but who is counting.

Boys' room is oh-so-close to being done!

Our dining room, one of the first rooms you see when you come into our house, is almost pretty. YEAH!

I am hoping my nesting can carry me through finishing boys' room, hanging the rest of our pictures, finishing Oldest's room, redoing Baby's room, and getting a guest bedroom ready for our many, many guest that will be coming once baby comes.

I know all this seems like craziness, but I have learned something this week.

Remember my Happiness goal for this year? As I made the time to accomplish some of these tasks around the house, I realized I enjoy and feel peaceful when I have a house of order. Now, with that said my Happiness Moment was being honest with myself that my joy in a house of order does not mean that I have to have the most up-to-date, fashion forward, dream decorated house.

More simply I am happy with a organized, clean, well-taken care of home...sometimes I fool myself into thinking I need all the extras (perfectly decorated rooms, matching fixtures, dream kitchen, and so on) in order to achieve the more simple house of order. However, when I am honest with myself I realize those things really are just extras. I am happiest when there is a good spirit in my home. A happy, peaceful spirit that makes our house a home is ultimately what I am striving for.

SO I guess what I am saying is I am happiest when we are living in a HOME of order not a pinterest-approved decorated house...you know what I am talking about!

Happiness is Home. 


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

That looks like a fun experiment. I should try it with the kids. Glad you're feeling better. When are you due? I'm expecting and starting to feel very pregnant...but we still have 2 months to go (unless he makes his appearance early.)

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thank Polly!

I am due in a couple months too. Feel VERY pregnant and I feel like I have so long still...I know you know how I feel!

Stockhoff Family said...

It looks great honey as always your taste is super.


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