Apr 22, 2012

In a Nutshell: Them Apples...Trees That Is

We are now the proud parents of three new apple trees.

It wasn't too long after moving into our house that Hubby declared that we would be planting apple trees sometime. Well now with our first winter under our belts and thanks to Costco who had apple trees available at our last visit, we officially started our own teeny tiny apple orchard.

Full of these babies nonetheless...

Hubby did his glorious thing and went to a nursery and learned all there was on planting apple trees. He got official and got down to business.

Since it was so glorious outside, he had a helper.

And an audience.

While the audience was only so in to the planting of the trees, the helper was super dedicated to his duties.

We got all three of our trees in the ground, water and fed, and staked into place.

They have already survived a lovely spring snow storm, and several ultra intense windy days.

Fingers crossed in a couple of years we will have some of our very own apples.


Melanie said...

Not just apples lady.....HONEYCRISP apples. You lucky girl. :)

Beth- the mama bee said...

we are planting apples this year too, but friends of ours said they got apples the second year. Hopefully we'll both be so lucky!

Amanda said...

jealous!! That is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Would love to plant apple trees, what did your husband learn? Would love to know!


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