May 20, 2012

In a Nutshell: Garden

Spring is here and good weather has been abundant around these parts. You know what that means...yup, garden time.

We hardly profess to be gardening experts. In fact, we still feel a little anxiety and fear every time we prep our garden.

Will it come up?
Will we remember to water it enough?
Will my wife's black thumb kill the garden immediately? That is Hubby's quandary.
Will we plant the right things?

You get the idea.

In Ohio we had one simple little square foot garden. One!

Well this year...our first year here...our first year figuring out this new climate...we are planting FOUR.


We have asked and fretted about how/when to plant these gardens. Our backdoor neighbors are like garden wizards. I mean it is pretty amazing. When we asked them the wife just laughed and said the husband always new when to plant. She stated, "when the snow is off the mountains over there."

SO imagine my stress when this last Monday I looked out the window and they were getting down to gardening business.

I immediately texted Hubby and panicky I wrote, "THEY ARE PLANTING TODAY! We HAVE to start ours today too!"

Over react much...

So that evening while Oldest went to baseball practice with the neighbors, the boxes got built.

With some assistance from little helpers.

Four boxes got made.

And they got played in a bit.

Then it was celebration time with some trampoline time. PS Can you see our neighbors garden back there? Awesome, right?

We have since purchased plants and seeds. We are trying some new things...ahhhh! Fingers crossed.

The boxes are now filled with the dirt. as in tomorrow...we start planting everything.

I am pretty excited with the prospect of our garden. Hopefully our first year gardening here will be a triumph.

Send happy gardening thoughts our way!

1 comment:

Stockhoff Family said...

Can't wait to see the "finished" project, though I say that with tongue in cheek since it's never really finished I guess.
p.s. My little over achiever, has anyone told you that you just had a baby??


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