Dec 18, 2012

Project Handmade Christmas Presents: Personalized Notepads Part 2

I got a lot of positive feedback about PART 1 of the Personalized Notepad tutorial. I am glad that you guys were able to follow along with my tutorial and I am excited that so many of you have already made the template for your notepad page.

Now that you have your template made from the PART 1 TUTORIAL, this next step is the easy part.

You will insert your jpeg image into a Word type document on a landscape oriented page. Once you have one image on the page, you will most likely have to make your image a tad smaller in order to make two notepad pages fit on one page. Copy the smaller image and paste it right next to the first.

Print of how many you want, I recommend printing off anywhere from 20 to 40 pages. That will give you 40 to 80 notepad pages.

Use a paper cutter to evenly cut down the pages. My cut pages measured 7" by 5".

Cut out all your pages. You will have a stack of notepad pages.

Gather some small binder clips.

You will also need rubber cement.

Oh and you will want a cereal box too.

 With your stack of notepad pages in hand...

Cut out cardboard backs for each notepad measuring 7" by 5".

Stack all the paper evenly on top of each other and then add the cardboard to the back. Clip securely in place at all the corners on the side edges.

Set them up on top of something, like an upside down cup. And I recommend laying down newspaper because the rubber cement might drip. Liberally brush the top edge with rubber cement. Make sure to coat it evenly, catching every page. Coat several times.

Let the pads set out and dry over night, until the top is barely, if not at all, tacky to the touch.

Remove the clips and admire your handy work.

Sharpen a couple of pencils and add some washi tape to the top.

Tie with bow.

Easy peasy and all done!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy gift making and gift giving.


Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

M. Jorgensen said...

Love it!

M. Jorgensen said...

So bummer...I got on to make mine last night and picmonkey is now charging for a TON of stuff. One being the main part of this tutorial, the picture! So now if anyone wants to make this with the picture they have to pay $4.99/month to do so. Soooo totally bummed about it! And kinda mad picmonkey is charging for so many things regularly I use! Anyways, just thought I'd pass that along. Still love this though!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Yeah, I figured that out last night too. Super annoyed. I made an edit on the first part of the tutorial talking about the change.

M. Jorgensen said...

I'm glad you saw it, I hadn't seen your changes. It is super annoying! Did you see how many fonts and 'stickers' they took away?! Ridiculous I say.


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