Jan 18, 2013

Fun with the Kids Fridays: Make A Cloud

The other day I mentioned on Facebook that it was in the negatives (yes, I also realize I mentioned it yesterday when I gave my Taco Soup recipe...I am pretty much whining about it everywhere).

One of my friends left me a comment telling me about an experiment you can do if the weather is in the negatives.  

Something fun to do outside when the weather is so cold you won't feel your face, finger, elbows, teeth, hair...you get it, it is cold.

So back to the awesome experiment...

When the weather is in the negatives, you can make yourselves some clouds.

All you need is...well the afore mentioned negative degrees of course. 

Then you need some hot water. Tea kettle, right off the stove kind of hot. I did try hot tap water, that only partially worked. So make sure it is hot.

Gather your excited and bundled up kiddos. 

Pour the hot water into a smaller container, we used the lid to a thermos.

Toss the water away from you up into the air.

Then right before your eyes the water turns into a big, billowy, fluffy cloud.

The boys LOVED it.

I wish I had gotten more pictures, but my fingers stopped being able to function about 30 seconds in. We were also working with a small window of time.

We had realized that this was the last negative temp for awhile, AND it was only going to be negative for the morning. So we had to hustle and make our clouds before the boys had to get to school.

Best start of the day ever.

We are pretty excited for the next below zero day. The good news is we will probably have another one...or two...or three...

I would normally not wish negative degrees on anyone, but if it means you get to watch hot water turn into clouds...totally worth it.


Maggie and Sheepie said...

Sounds like fun! (The clouds, not the freezing temps!) I don't think that will ever work out here in California!

Keri said...

Yahoooooo! It worked. The boys and I are so jelous. See there are perks to freeze-your-eyebrow-hairs-off negative temps. I can only wish for the day. I think if I remember right it has to be at least -10 degrees or lower to work. A temp I doubt we will ever witness here. Thanks for sharing the awesome news. I have been wondering if it worked or not :)

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

I think it was -9 when we did it. Fingers crossed for freezing temps your way!!! Hahaha.

cre8ivesky said...

How fun! Can't wait to try this with my own boys!


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