Jul 22, 2013

Kid Airplane Wings: Tutorial

I made these super fun airplane wings for my Little Men a few weeks ago. They went along with the Disney Plane's Sweepstakes, which is still going on friends! Head on over and leave a comment to enter to win a Fandango $100 Gift Card.

They have been so excited for Planes to come to theaters. I thought it would be fun to make something for them to celebrate the movie...

...maybe I should let them wear them to the theater. I am sure the other people would really appreciate tiny arm airplanes flying around the theater.

This was a super easy, done in a day, kind of project. The wings can be made with just a handful of supplies, a lot that you might just have on hand.

By the end of the day you will have happy little fliers zooming around your house.

Or zooming around the park.

Or if you are brave, maybe even a movie theater.

 Here is how you can make your own set of Kid Airplane Wings-

What you need-

tri-fold display board (one board will make 2 sets)
painters tape
spray paint
duct tape

Cut the sides off, that will be one set of wings. Then cut the middle piece exactly in half, that will be another set of wings.

Working with the non white side, measure you kiddos arm span (from the armpit to the tip of the fingers) and add 3 inches. Make the mark in the middle of the short distance.

Draw an oval shape from one side to the other going through the mid point you just marked.

Cut out with an exacto knife. Then use this wing as the pattern for your other wings. Repeat the cutting process for each wing.

Flip the board over and now work with the white side.

Using painters tape, mark off stripes in any pattern you like. The tape will be where the white stripes show up.

You can go from side to side. You can make little stripes. You can make a big stripe by overlapping the painters tape. You can go from the tip of the wing running down the middle. Basically have fun making the stripey wing of your dreams.

Now is the fun part. Spray paint. Who doesn't love spray paint???

I chose classic colors that were perfect for airplane wings. I sprayed each set a different color. Apply the first coat pretty lightly. Then go back with heavy coats until they have the coverage you like. The coverage might depend on the color. 

The red paint went on gloriously and covered completely with two coats. The green paint took several more to get the coverage I wanted.

I used duct tape for the arm bands.

For 1 wing, here is what you will need:

4- 12" strips
4- 8" strips
4- 5"strips

For the upper arm band, you will use the 12" strips. Lay two sticky side up. Then place two sticky side down onto the strips already laying on the table.

For the lower arm band do the same thing with the 8" strips.

Place the upper arm bands about 5-6 inches from the top, making sure it is in the middle. You will want to tape them on with 2 of the 5" strips. Make sure to tape them on in an arch big enough for your child's arms to go through.

Then have them put it on and measure where to put the lower arm band.

Stick the lower arm band on with the 2 other 5 inch strips.

Repeat for all of the wings.

Really secure the arm bands well. The rougher they play, the more tape you might need securing them on.

Now all you have to do is slip them on and let them fly around until they request to land.

This is a super easy project and is an unbelievable fun thing to break up a Summer afternoon.

Just another reminder--
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