Aug 6, 2014

Easy Pillow Case Superhero Cape

Pillowcase Superhero Cape Main

I originally shared this post on Thirty Handmade Days in March.
I am sharing it again here in case you missed it! 

A no-fuss, low-key, easy on the budget project is the best. A project that is all those things AND super fun for the kiddos is the very best. In a houseful of boys, we tend to be a little superhero obsessed.

In one of these superhero moments, I had an "aha!" moment for a quick and easy way to make one of my Superheros In Training his own superpower inducing cape.

This project is SO easy and has minimal sewing and the best part is, it uses a standard pillow case. A pillow case is something we all have laying around. However, even if we don't have an extra pillow case available, you can purchase a set of standard pillow cases at some stores for $5.

Pillowcase Superhero Cape 3

Here is what you will need:
standard pillow case
fleece strip measuring 2" by 28"
yellow felt
coordinating thread

Here is the easy DIY for making this Easy Pillow Case Superhero Cape.

After you have purchased (or rounded up) a pillow case, iron it out. Especially if it is brand new.

Pillowcase Superhero Cape DIY 1

Fold over the top of the pillowcase at the point where the stitching is at. You know the border at the opening. Iron. Zig zag stitch along where the edge meets with the pillowcase. This will make an casing for the piece of fleece.

Pillowcase Superhero Cape DIY 3

Pin a safety pin to one edge of the fleece strip. Feed the fleece strip through the casing.

Pillowcase Superhero Cape DIY 4

One you have the fleece through, make sure that there are equallengths of the fleece are on either side. These will become the ties for the cape. Pin the fleece to the pillowcase at the mid point. Run a zig zag stitch over the fleece and pillowcase for about 1 1/2" in order to secure the fleece in place.

Pillowcase Superhero Cape DIY 5

The next step is to sew on the lightning bolt. After the lightning bolt has been cut out, pin it in place to the cape. You want to pin it in the top middle making sure it is centered. You will also want to make sure that your are pinning to side of the pillow case that you folded the top away from, so that edge doesn't show.

Pillowcase Superhero Cape DIY 6

Stitch the lightning bolt in place with coordinating thread (yellow). If you use thread the same color as the pillowcase (orange in my case) in the bobbin then the stitching will not be visible on that back side.

Pillowcase Superhero Cape DIY 7

Easy as that you have a cape fitting for any Superhero In Training. A mask and some cuffs add just that much more superheroness. I totally just made up that word.

Pillowcase Superhero Cape 6

UP, UP, and AWAY.

Pillowcase Superhero Cape 5

The world can rest well tonight knowing this Superhero is watching out for them.

Pillowcase Superhero Cape 1

World peace all thanks to an Easy Pillow Case Superhero Cape.

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