Jan 21, 2015

Love You Like A Love Song Valentine

Whenever the middle of January roles around I start getting all giddy and lovey eyed for all things Valentines. I start writing out ideas for possible classroom Valentines and I start dreaming up possible ideas for the boys' Valentines shirts.

Guess what!?! It is the middle of January. So I am thinking we should get all Valentine's Day up in here. The first of three classroom Valentines are done.

I need to give mad props to my very favorite one of my favorite songs, since it was the inspiration for this Valentine. Oh Love You Like A Love Song, you were just asking to be turned into a Valentine. I had the idea for the printable sitting in my back pocket, metaphorically speaking of course. Of course. I just needed something to go with the idea. Then I saw these plastic toy whistles at The Mart.

Well if that isn't just perfect, I don't know what is.

So I made up a Valentine with Love You Like A Love Song (get the printable HERE). I taped the whistle to the card with some washi tape.

As simple as you please, one pretty cool non-candy classroom Valentine. I am pretty sure Little's kindergartner teacher is gonna just love that I gave 20+ kids whistles. Best. Parent. Ever.

Now I just need to whip up the other two boys' Valentines. The ideas are in place. The materials are bought. Now I just need to find the time to get them done. Do you happen to know where I can get some of that?

Here are some of our previous classroom Valentine ideas.

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Adrienne said...

Okay, ever since I saw this yesterday I have had the song stuck in my head...thanks a lot :-p My kids LOVE Kids Bop and of course they are excited about the new one that's out now. I actually really enjoy the music too but we do hear it over and over again :-) This is such a great idea..I'll have to show my kindergartner and see if he wants to do this for his class. Even my 2nd grader may want to do this too so thanks :-)

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Hahaha Adrienne, ME TOO!


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