Jan 21, 2016

Boy Approved Valentine T-shirts

Earlier this week I shared 15 Boy Approved Valentines. Today I am sharing a round up of Boy Approved Valentine T-shirts.

As a Mom of all boys, I know first hand how hard it can be to come up with fun holiday shirts that are boy approved. Especially Valentine's Day shirts. I mean how does one put all that lovey dovey stuff into a cool, somewhat masculine shirt just right for a little man.

Years ago I decided I was just going to make my own shirts for them. It has been fun coming up with different boy approved valentine shirts. I have also found a lot of other cute shirts out there for boys. So I rounded them all up in this post.

You're welcome.

Some are shirts you can DIY yourselves and a few are ones you could buy. Make or buy, they are all cute...er, uh I mean studly.

Just Another Day in Paradise

The Crafted Sparrow via Classy Clutter
Sugar Bee Crafts

Just Another Day in Paradise 

Just Another Day in Paradise 

Just Another Day in Paradise 

Just Another Day in Paradise 

Newly Woodwards  

Just Another Day in Paradise 

Happy Go Lucky 

Small Friendly 

The Gap

Born Fabulous Kids

Our 5 Loves

Man there are some pretty awesome boy valentine shirts out there. I have some major inspiration for this years shirts and I am excited to share them with you in the next week. Woot!! 

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SStockhoff said...

What a great collection of shirts Riss!


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