Feb 8, 2016

Statement Valentine's Day T-shirt

We call this face his I am too cool for Valentine's Day but I am still gonna celebrate it smolder. Before we talk about this Statement Valentine's Day T-shirt that is perfect for your tweenager boy, can I just say, when in the crappity crap did Oldest start looking like a mini man??

Remember when he looked like this-

Well you may not. You may have never known that tiny face with huge chocolate eyes and eyelashes for days. But man, this Momma remembers. This Momma is also finding it really hard to admit that the above pictured 6 year old could really have turned into this almost 12 year old.

Sigh. Time does march on. I am getting old. Babies grow up and turn into tweenagers (I am denial about the very soon TEENager label).

Speaking of tweenagers, lets get talking about this Statement Valentine's Day T-shirt before I start blubbering. 

This is the last year that Oldest will really celebrate Valentine's Day in the have a party and pass out valentine's way. When you are in your last year of elementary school, you are still technically part of the fun, but excitement is different. They are older. They are cooler. 

When I approached him with the idea for this shirt, he was immediately on board. He liked that it was simple. He liked that it was ironic. He liked that it was pretty funny. 

So I whipped out this Statement Valentine's Day shirt in like 10 minutes. So easy peasy.

I used heat transfer vinyl and cut it with my Silhouette. The font I used was Bauhaus. The T-shirt was from The Mart and was under $3. Happy dance for that folks.

Iron it on.

Now the in house tweenager is all set for his school Valentine's Day party. And it would appear that even he is pretty happy about it.

I am sure this laugh only came because someone farted, but I will take it.

Happy Valentine's Day! Remember, head over to my post Boy Approved Valentine's Day T-shirts if you need more ideas.

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Laurie Gaskins said...

What is the best place to get iron on vinyl? Are there better quality vinyls?


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