Aug 5, 2016

An Apple For Teacher

Some are already back in school. We have about three more weeks. I really like to show up to back-to-school night with a gift for our teachers. Last year I chose to go with the classic "apple for teacher" theme. I thought a little outside the box and went with little apple pies for the teacher. I used store bought pie dough and apple pie filing. I lined the inside of the smallest sized mason jar with pie crust. A couple of spoonfuls of pie filling was topped with a lattice top. To make the lattice I cut out strips, wove them together and then used the ring from the jar to cut out a circle top. Then I sealed the top to the crust in the jar by gently pinching around the edge. Bake at 325 until the crust is golden brown.

Once they were done and cooled, I printed off these tags...

Download HERE

I put the mini pies in a cupcake box. Then I wrapped the box with yarn, punched a hole in the tag, signed our names, and tied it to the box.

I am pretty sure my kids got all A's because of these pies. I feel like they owe me or something. Kidding, my kids are smarties and didn't need no stinking pies. However, I am sure the teachers didn't mind getting them.


My Recent Favorite Books said...

Love this idea!

You did a wonderful job!

Corrie- said...

I'm sure they didn't get mind getting them at all. They are adorable!


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