Mar 24, 2009

Case's Room 85% Done

Here's What We Did
painted room three colors...yes insane
painted changing table
new changing pad
made bumpers
added brown border to white bed skirt
Still Needs to Be Done
hang floating shelves
make canvas fabric wall art
paint wall letters
reupholster glider chair
make pillow for chair
paint picture frames
print off pictures
knobs on changing table

The next post was supposed to be this room done in all its glory...well blame the boys getting the flu, then me getting the flu, then me thinking I was in labor...blah blah blah...not done completely or as soon as I had planned. But here is a glimpse any way to make myself feel better about missing my intended deadline.

Art projects and shelving should get done today. Chair hopefully tomorrow.

Special shout out to Kate, Lisa, and Jenny bedding would not have gotten finished without you.


Holly Wilcox said...

Oh I LOVE it. I am soooo sorry you got the flu. I wish Spencer had been home so you could have stayed quarantined (not sure how to spell that) in your room. Hopefully it was short sickness for the boys too.
How fun for your boys to have fully decorated rooms! Hopefully they appreciate it and know that not all mothers do this kind of thing. Especially when they are about to have a baby!

Amy said...

very cute! wish I were there to help.

Dave Dyk said...

Oooh, I love the colors and all you've done! Can't wait to see the rest of it!

The Gilbert Family said...

The rooms are fab!

Stockhoff Family said... stinkin cute. It will be even cuter once you get all the art and stuff done and when there is an actual baby to go in it. I can't wait to see him and his cute, big ol' dome. I love you lady.

Nyree said...

You are awesome! Hopefully he won't come before you get this done cause we all know how it works witha newborn-but heck you are Larissa you can do anything!!!!

Stacey said...

Wow you have been busy!! Both of the rooms turned out soo cute!! You are so talented!

ColleenandKendra said...

Two boys, one in the oven, and you get so much done. Can you come down here and help me with some home projects?

tara said...

oh goodess, there you go again...sit down girl! no, its aweswome and so are you. in your spare time, those of us that don't even have a room to dedicate to our babies, let alone a decorated one, could use a prayer. thanks. lookin good buddy. good luck next week. i hope all goes well and he's healthy and happy. love ya

Abbie said...

Very cute.


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