Mar 2, 2009

Kicks By Natty Liz

So here is a shout out to my sister Natalie. She has been dabbling in the creative and has come up with something fabulous. She is in the process of marketing these way too cute shoes. I am a little incompetent in that area, but hopefully she will be etsy-ing or blogging them out soon. I just thought I would pass on the love and brag about her cute creations.

ps I did this tag for her, and since she isn't commercial YET, I just used the digital paper I have purchased for personal use. Since it is wavering on the marketing side, I will mention it is the Truly Yours kit from Shabby Princess.

Do You Want Fries With That

Space Cadet

A Day at the Park

Since I stole these pics from my family's blog The Stockhoffs they are not as large as I would like, but you can click on them and they should show more detail. Again she is just starting out with these, so any helpful suggestions I will happily pass her way (hint hint VANESSA!).


Stockhoff Family said...

I got on thinking it was going to be a bunch of pictures of the party, but SURPRISE! Thanks so much Riss. I love having a sister as splendid as you. I heart you.

V and Co. said...

whoah are you talking to me? or is there another vanessa?
cause if it's me...uh hmmmmm...first off love the shoes they are cute and original, that right there will be good for etsy. in etsy there are many of the same things and so we all compete for love. but your sis has something that not many are making so she already has an in there. as for doing well on etsy, here's a few things that were true for me:
1)just because things aren't selling as fast as you thought they would, that doesn't mean it's not cute and people don't like it, they probably don't know you yet.
2)don't get discouraged
3)make something you love
4)make your blog more out there by commenting on other peoples' blogs, and not just on ones you know, hit the ones' you admire, because other people check you out when you are checking them out. soon enough you will start having people you don't know putting them on thier side bars and that's how the snowball effect happens. that way your etsy shop gets more traffic as well!

i hope that helps some, other than that it's a lot of luck and who sees you. i'm still struggling on etsy, but the blog thing seems to be picking up! tell your sis they are cute!

Larissa said...

hehe that's funny, I just stumbled across your blog and my name is Larissa and I also have a sister called Natalie :) hope you have a great day

tara said...

pass on some love for me to natalie as well. i just have to dabble in a pair of those for myself. does she do little sizes? i'm sure sofi needs a pair. i'll drop by the family site and ask her. way to go for having such a fabulous sister!


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