Nov 24, 2009


Thanksgiving week is here. Most of my creative Thanksgiving crafts were put on hold. Oh well. BUT I did whip out a new harvesty center piece. Here are a couple of tricks for cheap center pieces.

Plastic that looks like glass...way cheaper
Craft stores in the ghetto
Fake gourds
A couple yards of clearance fabric, folded and ironed...nope not even sewn (sewing machine still MIA)

Now it is time for list making, cleaning, prepping, decoration, and more cleaning. I can almost smell the turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


Nyree said...

Too cute! I love cute centerpieces.. but ask me if I'm going to take the time and energy to make some.... not this year. not with a baby blessing a week away! But of course you could get them both done.

Holly Wilcox said...

Are you referring to Old Time Pottery? I miss that place so much. It is in the ghetto and when Tyler was in law school we lived 1 block from there. But at that time, I didn't even have a dollar to spend.
If that's not the store- what others do you know of?

Keri said...

Look at those mad photography skills. Love the first pic way to frame in the details and use your rule of thirds. looking good. see you do have a nack for photography....oh wait you have a nack for everything. LOL its just in your blood. love the idea as well very cheap but classy all together.

tara said...

happy thanksgiving to you my lovely, lovely friend. i wish i could sit around your table and help you eat that turkey that is already eminating through your air. love it, love you.
ps i agree about jacob's character being totally off. he was hot though. what do you do?


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