Jun 1, 2010

Ella Mae Designs

So who do I have to thank for my new header, topic tags, and button???

Just the cutest most talented girly ever!

My long-distance friend Alli is the creator and mastermind behind Ella Mae Designs.

She normally does save the dates, wedding announcements, baby announcements, grad announcements, and holiday cards. For me (probably because I begged and harassed her) she made individual pieces for my blog.

I love her work...here are some of my favorite examples of it beautifulness (totally a word)--

Save the Date:

Wedding Announcement:

Baby Announcements:


No go and check her etsy shop stuff out. Seriously, she is amazingly talented, plus she is cool.


chris said...

Your site looks great and Ally's work is impressive. :)

Holly Wilcox said...

Very cute. How is it that everyone is connected in the blogging world?! That last photo is Camille from Simplify! I love her quilts.

Amanda said...

looks so great!


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