Sep 6, 2010

Twenty Minute Headband Tutorial

If you have everything on hand, this can totally be made in 20 minutes...okay AND if your kids are napping, at a friends house, down for the night, hiding treasure in the backyard, occupied in their get the point.

Twenty Minute Headband Tutorial

Here is what you need:

1/4  yard of fabric, cut into the following
     -3 -1 1/2" strips, the width of the fabric
     -2 -1/2" strips, the width of the fabric
a plastic headband
felt (optional)
hot glue (I know sometimes fabric glue can be used for headbands like this, but let's face it, I craft with what I have on hand...I ALWAYS have hot glue...fabric glue uh not so much)

Start first by wrapping the plastic headband with the 1/2" strips. Cover the bottom of one end.

Secure in place with a dab of hot glue. Start wrapping, applying glue every so often.

Wrap tightly and evenly over the entire headband. Most likely you will have to use your second strip part of the way through. When adding the second strip, make sure to glue it on the underside of the headband.

Continue wrapping until headband is completely covered.

Now it is time to start the flowers.

Start by folding the end of 1 of the 1 1/2" strips in half lightly and twisting. You will do this in small increments. 

Place a dab of glue on the end and start wrapping the twisted strip around itself to make a flower shape.

Continue to glue every so often. Wrap until desired size. My biggest flower was about 3" in diameter.

When done with flower, place a good amount of glue on the end.

Press the back side of the flower onto the glue. Make sure none of that fabric can be seen from the front.

Repeat with 2 other strips of fabric to make 2 smaller flowers.

Now you can either cut small circles of felt and stabilize your flowers to them before gluing them on to the headband OR you can just glue the flowers directly onto the headband.

Glue the flowers with one of the smaller flowers placed in the middle and then gluing the other two down the side, big one in the middle followed by the other small one.

If you haven't made one of these yet, I highly encourage it...especially if you have the supplies just laying around.


Anne said...

So pretty!!! I might just have to make one for my daughter!

I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

adorable! i've been wanting to try these too! thanks for the how to!

Nancy said...

Very pretty and easy! I could see pearls glued on the centers of the flowers or just placed randomly. Or even a few small Swarovski "rhinestones".

Justine said...

I LOVE this! I think stores always over priced these things and I can't afford them. Thank you for sharing!

Just Better Together

Sabina said...

looks like really quick and easy :) thank you for sharing :)

rika jane said...

Really easy indeed! I just made one for my little miss. Thanks for sharing! ^^v


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