Mar 19, 2011

Bookmarkin' Away

I get a little carried away with bookmarking all the lovely things I find online.

No seriously, I need a support group...

"Hi, my name is Larissa and I am a bookmarking-aholic."

I primarily have four categories that I bookmark:

blogs that are new to me and that are complete eye and/or project candy
tutorials or projects that I MUST do...yes most of them are NOT done
recipes that make me drool just at the sight
and last
shopping places, etsy shops, clothing, craft, if you can buy something from it, I bookmark it

So I thought I might be fun to occasionally share some of the things I am bookmarking. Look at it as me sharing just one more site/project/recipe/shop you can become obsessed with...I know aren't I nice???

Have fun!


See Kate Sew-

This is a de.light.ful blog that immediately is beautimous to one's eyes. She has all kinds of projects and loveliness. She has great tutorials. She has a sewing 101 section...which I need. Go check it out. I am sure you will like it.

A Little Sussy- Oh the photography!!!! Sigh...I wish I could take pictures like that. Absolutely breathtaking.

Under the Sycamore Tree-

Again, PHOTOGRAPHY. Not only does her blog have delightful photos, but her style is so whimsical and lovely. Definitely one of those people I might wish I was.

Three Men and a Lady-

All I have to say is...I want her house when I grow up. She is AH-mazing. Every room of her house, every idea is utterly gorgeous and completely inspiring. I might have a ton of her ideas saved to my "House Ideas" folder.

Kristen Duke Photography- Yup, more photography. Can you tell what one of my goals is this year??? I immediately wished I lived in TX when I came across her site. The photos hooked me, but her charm humor kept me reading.

just to show you my obsessive habits with bookmarking...while writing this posts I was multitasking...okay blogsurfing and came across one more site to share with you...

The Daybook-

Oh double sigh. HOW CUTE IS SHE? I might wish I had every piece of clothing she owns. Maybe I should stop wearing my drawstring pants that are just one step up from sweatpants...Maybe tomorrow.

tutorials and projects 

money cuff from Lemon Squeezy Home

I actually finished this one.

dragon tails from Running with Scissors via Tatertots and Jello


he's all boy baby blanket by This Mama Makes Stuff

her pictures of this project are so lovely, go and check it out

fort kit by Saltwater Kids

oh mercy, how my Little Men would freak out if I put one of these together


Brazilian Cheese Rolls by Our Best Bites

have been dreaming of these ever since leaving UT...6 years ago

Cheesy Jalapeño Rolls by Rae Gun Ramblings

ummm...I like bread...I like cheese...sign me up for cheese bread

Birthday Cake Fudge by Mrs. Betty Rocker

for real, right...awesome


Le Mode Accessories

so many will want them all

Ruffle Fabric

not sure what I'd do with it since there aren't many ruffles in our house...but oh how I want it

Sweet Peas Pattern Shop

I will be buying this pattern and I will be making these shoes


Anonymous said...

That Birthday Cake Fudge looks awesome!! I have soooo many bookmarks its insane-o. Hubby keeps telling me to clean them out..but I am afraid I will miss something!!

Emily Love said...

I know what you mean! I'm a save-the-tutorial-as-a-.pdf addict. I have an obsession with .pdfs as it is.

My computer is FULL of files!

Taylor {Sew Much Love} said...

Seriously ya'll need yo be pinning on Pinterest. It's like visually bookmarking everything! I moved all my bookmarks over and i'm so happy I did!

Katie Mitchell said...

I was just going to say the same thing as Taylor. Pinterest is awesome! I don't know what I'd do without it. It might take you a few weeks to get an invite. My favorite way to bookmark the lovelies that I find online.

Amy said...

I have to 3rd pinterest. It is a bookmarker's dream!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Well, geez, where I have been??? I have NO clue what Pinterest is. Must look up now!

jaenell said...

I had a similar revelation earlier this week upon looking through my "popular" bookmarks for a project and a recipe, only to sigh and realize that I desperately needed to organize my bookmarks into special bookmark folders... !! There are so many projects and recipes and so little time... :]

And, I agree - The Daybook, I'm just more than a little jealous of her wardrobe! :]


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