Mar 12, 2011

In a Nutshell: Saturday from _ _ _ _

I know I should be posting about the whole week. I mean isn't that what "In a Nutshell" is supposed to be about? The going-on's of our week. I should be typing about something major that took place, but I already wrote about Little  Man's Arm.  

I should be typing about a common theme during the week, but our common theme this week was illness and  I know all of you are tired of reading about Littlest Little Man being sick. 

I mean seriously I can not keep this one healthy.

Taking out all of that, it was a pretty tame week...until Saturday.

I don't often want to pack it all in. I don't often want to scream into a pillow. I don't often want to eat my weight in cookies (okay maybe I do want to do that last one a lot). Saturday was one of those days. It was me vs my kids and the kids almost won.

Really there were only two culprits...

Little Man number 1

don't be fooled by that adorable cheery grin

Little Man number 3

Little Man number 1 and I had an ongoing battle of him earning and losing video games... video games are quickly becoming the bane of my existence. We also had an rousing battle of  me yelling strongly recommending "quit crying" in which he would respond with more crying. I am convinced that even boys have a hormonal time of the month. How did only women get pegged with that? We ended the ongoing battle with the following-
him talking back
me taking away next weekend of video games (remember he only gets video games on Fri and Sat)
him crying even more and then shouting at me
him telling me "you can't do that"
me "sure I can"
him "no you can't, you aren't in charge"
me "uh yes I am"
him "no I AM!"
me "go to your room"
now I take away the rest of the month
he storms to his room
I remind him to not slam his door
he says "fine I will just climb out the window"
me "ok"

Don't worry, he didn't actually climb out our second story window. He did eventually calm down. We can be friends again tomorrow.

I will say the most delightful part of my day actually came from him too. I had to rush to the store before picking up Middle Little Man from a party. In my haste to make it there and back in enough time I wasn't paying attention as he got in the car. Once we got to the store...mind you in a time crunch...he pipes up, "uh I don't have my shoes".

Say what??? For dang sure, he was not wearing shoes. And in true Mother of the Year fashion, I took my sock wearing kid into the grocery store, hid his shoe-less feet in a race car cart (which he is way to big to be in) and went about my grocery store business. He thought it was pretty funny, but was grateful he was in a cart so no one could see his feet.

Little Man number 3 spent the day clinging to me like a baby monkey. Overall that shouldn't have been bad, but he was absolutely hysterical almost the entire time...even if I was holding him. Nothing pacified him. At one point I even resorted to trying to bribe him with a tootsie pop just so he would quit screaming. It didn't work. He would demand I carry him into the kitchen, only to be irate at everything in sight. I did the family room to kitchen back to family room trip all stinking day.

Yes he is sick...but many can tell you he is also stubborn and spoiled. So it was an ulcer-creating day of trying to decide to pick him up or call his bluff.  

Some of you may be thinking to yourselves, well where the heck is that girls hubby? 

The Saturday from _ _ _ _ really all comes down to that...

Hubby had an last minute work trip. So he is not here. When he is here it is actually fun. The real fun, not the fun I sarcastically spit out as my 7 year-old is screaming at me or my baby is reaching glass-shattering decibels with his screams.

Saturdays just aren't as lovely with hubby gone.

So that is it...our week in a nutshell comes down to a single Saturday. Whew I am glad it is over.


Michelle J. said...

Well, you made it through it! Hopefully your littlest will be healthy and happier in no time.

Heidi Dyk said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear about your crazy Saturday. My hubby had to work this weekend too, even after he had been out of town all week. Ugh. You're right that it is so much fun (and manageable!) when you have a partner to wrangle with little ones.

Kinsey Pistorius said...

Larissa, I'm glad I am not the only one who has bad days with my kids. David and I tried to go shopping with all 3 kids at the mall this weekend and they made it so difficult (even though we took them to McDonald's), we just left in frustration. Tell Spencer he owes u one!!! :)
and the no-shoes was hilarious even though it probably wasn't at the time. :)

Brownbellies said...

I hate days like that. It really makes me appreciate my husband so much more. I have no idea how single parents do it. I'd be in the crazy house.

JoyandTren said...

I am with you. My two and half year old and my six month old caught a cold, and me as well. And then my hubby had to work all weekend. It really does stink when that happens. I love the weekends.. they give me energy to make it another week. Here is to next weekend!

Misty said...

The conversation with the oldest about video games is identical to the conversation I have with my 12 year old ALL the time! I have three kids as well and I'm so glad to hear that everyone else has these terrible days too. On TV they make it look like everyone is happy all the time!


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