Dec 11, 2011

In a Nutshell: Haircuts, More BBall, and a Birthday

It is no secret that we love our two oldest's hair. For years we have embraced their surfer/rock/teen pop star hair do. We can even be accused of letting it go a little too long and getting a little too unruly. Shock.Gasp. It is true!

Can you blame us, they are so handsome!

However, it was time for a little change. Oldest had been getting some unwanted attention for his hair, and though I don't think it really bothered him, he had mentioned several times he would like a different hair cut.

We took everyone to go and get their haircuts and I decided that instead of telling them to let it stay long and just get it out of their eyes and make it less mullet like...I said, "I would like something clean cut, more little gentleman...but don't bring out the buzzers!"

As soon as they were done with Oldests and the 5 lbs of hair lay on the floor, he saw the reflection of himself in the mirror and grinned from ear to ear. Yep, he was happy with his new do.

Even though I was shocked, so was I...what do you think?

I know not the best picture, but the only time I had time to do a photo shoot was at basketball.

Now middle of course got his own little gentleman hair cut too. He loves it. He kept looking in the mirror and saying, "my hair is handsome"..."I am handsome". I completely agree!

Now that you have seen the hair cuts intermixed with some basketball, let's talk about basketball.

Oldest and Middle are enjoying, for the most part, their basketball experience. Oldest is way more aggressive in basketball than he was in soccer, but I think he enjoys soccer more.

He is learning more and more every game. He is hustling and dribbling and he is quite the shot.

Excuse the dark/bluriness of some of the photos...the settings on my camera weren't working very well. Plus I was so enthralled with Oldest's game that I was taking horrible pictures.

What a cute little gentleman.

Middle is also quite the hustler...when he is in the mood of course.

This is my favorite stance of his...this is when they are getting ready to play defense. They all rush to the end of the court, throw their hands up, and wait to defend the player with the matching wrist band.

Dribbling is pretty optional at this level, but he is pretty good to give it a couple bounces before he runs towards the basket.

Like any little boy, he loves to get off a shot.

His favorite part of basketball...the snack at the end of the game.

Now we have covered hair cuts and basketball...let's talk BIRTHDAY!

Today is Hubby's birthday. I must give a shout out to my awesome husband. He is pretty much the best. I am lucky to have him in my life and I am so grateful he is the daddy to our Little Men.

We love him so much. Today we will be pampering him, breakfasting in bed, making a dinner he requested from pinterest, and of course there will be desert.

In recognition of his birthday, I wanted to share one of my favorite stories of Hubby. This last summer, just before we moved from Ohio. We were spending sometime at his parents. During the summer, the hammock is a much coveted and look forward to event.

Hubby got on and soon all the boys wanted to get on with him.

Hubby plus 3 boys and a rotten tree equals this...

A suddenly falling hammock, a crash to the ground, and the end of hammock time equals this...

that is middle crying his eyes out 

A good father in action plus some skills equals this...

I loved that he did that. Just more proof of the superman I married.

So today Hubby...take it easy and have a great birthday!


Michelle said...

I love the haircuts. They look so different, but so handsome...still! :) Also, I loved the hammock story, especially the picture of Spencer filling in for the spot of the tree!

Amanda said...

so sweet! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPENCER! Oh how I wish we were closer and we'd just invite ourselves on over for whatever delicious dinner and dessert I'm sure you're having to celebrate with you. Your little guys look so cute with the new do's!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Spencer. Those pictures kinda remind me of a time on El 5 de Mayo (at the Williams) when someone go whacked in the face. I can't remember if it was you who did the whacking or it was your kid that got the whacking. I forget. :)

Anyway...I LOVE the haircuts. LOVE THEM! They are, indeed, very handsome.

P.S. I cut my 20 month olds curls off this week....(sniff, sniff)

Stockhoff Family said...

Great pictures, great stories,great haircuts (though I had to do a double take)! Great Son-in-law!! Enough said!!!!!

The Gilbert Family said...

Oh, my gosh!! You finally did it!! I echo the boys, "they look so handsome!" Though I do love the rocker/surfer boy look. And look, you are ok. Love ya and miss ya. (oh yeah, Happy Birthday Spencer)


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