Dec 4, 2011

Weeks In a Nutshell: Turkey, Snow, Sugar

I have been somewhat of a slacker with these "Week In a Nutshell" posts. Notice how I am just getting to typing this up Sunday night? Isn't it supposed to be up Sunday morning? Apologies mostly to grandparents and other family members who wonder what in the heck we have been up to.

So quick recap. Thanksgiving was great. Went to Utah to spend time with family. Hubby had the honor of carving the bird...notice above...doesn't he look turkey legit?

Middle was very intrigued by the carving of the bird...mostly because he was starving and really had convinced himself he needed a drumstick. He ended up passing on it when he realized what the drumstick actually was and how big it was.

Oldest was so charming and let me take is picture mid meal...

Then when I asked for a second, I got this face...ah that is the "mom-put-the-camera-down-you-are-so-annoying" face I love so much.

I hardly took any pictures of the day. I get so flustered with all the running around I just forget. But don't worry I got a picture of Oldest enjoying his chocolate pie...

He thought he was being rather funny...

Nothing so sweet as a chocolate goatee. After this I had to threaten my kids with banishment if any of them did it again. Hard to sound threatening when everyone is laughing.

After Thanksgiving we came home, decorated for Christmas, and somewhat welcomed the chilly weather. With chilly weather comes SNOW.

The boys begged to play outside so I was a trooper and said okay. See how happy they are?

I say I was a trooper because Littlest got to be included this time, which meant that I had got to stay outside with them. I still can't bear to let him wander outside by himself. SO while he played...

...I took the opportunity to weird out my new neighbors and take some photos of myself for a distraction from the frigid temperature.

Yeah, I am sure that didn't look awkward to the passerby.

We also enjoyed our favorite winter treat...a grilled peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwich. Oh, so delightfully gooey and warm. Trust me!

And speaking of sugar, I just had to throw these in of Littlest discovering the glory of Fun Dips.

"What is this sugar stick and this colored powder?"
"Say what? I am allowed to put this in my mouth?"
"Why haven't I tried these before?"

"Why are you laughing at me?"
"Is there something wrong with my tongue?"

So priceless!

There is our little recap of the last couple weeks. Hope you enjoyed it grandparents!


ColleenandKendra said...

I'm jealous of the layered Jello Salad on the plate of Oldest. Mmmmmm...I love that stuff.

Amber said...

Looks like you've been having a blast! : ) Out of silly curiosity, does your husband's shirt read "Smithson"? It sure does look like it from this angle, and it's my maiden name, so I just had to ask. : )


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