Mar 4, 2012

In a Nutshell: Mono Scare and Baptism

Remember how I said we have been a bunch of germ infested sickies around here?

Well Thursday it all got super fun...did you catch the sarcasm?

Thursday Oldest woke up looking like a hot mess. He was shaky. He was feverish. He was super weak. Truth be told he just looked awful. I decided he needed to go to the drs because he has had pneumonia before and figured that is what it could be.

Long story short, a blood test, a strep test, and a chest x-ray later I got a call at home that the verdict was in. Oldest had Mono.

Say what? Mono??? Really? I am pretty sure my 8 year-old hasn't been macking on the school yard elementary aged ladies. Then as the nurse started listing all the to-do's of containment and contagion concerning Mono, I started freaking out more. Who knew how long it would last? It is very contagious with close contact. They couldn't tell me just how long it would be contagious. He couldn't do any contact hello he is an 8 year-old boy. 

Then it really set in as I reflected on the fact that I had some house guests already here and some within hours to a day of leaving to come...all coming to town for OLDEST and his upcoming baptism for our church

This is when my insides screamed and I was tempted to curl into the fetal position...oh wait I can't do that because I have a ginormous baby in my belly that would get in the way of said fetal position.

Then I freaked out again...oh yeah I am 37 weeks preggars. How is Mono going to effect all that??!?


Planning started on how to contain, manage, and go about our Mono diagnosis.

Fast forward to Friday morning. Middle wakes up with the SAME symptoms. SUPER.

Fast forward again....Take him to doctors. Find out that Oldest's strep test from the day before actually was positive. Dr informs me Oldest's mono diagnosis was probably a false positive. She doesn't test Middle for Mono just strep. Orders antibiotics for both boys. Pharmacy workers at The Mart know me by name...literally, I am not making that up. Dr said if I got three doses of antibiotics into Oldest and he felt up for it he could still be baptized.

Our family still all came, lovingly waiting to see if Oldest would be better.

Saturday came and besides being grumpy he couldn't stay in bed to read Calvin and Hobbes, Oldest was healthy enough.

All said and done, it was a wonderful day. I was so happy to be there as a family and to have all the people who love Oldest be there to support him (besides Jack who stayed home with a super neighbor).

I have more photos and things to share about his special day, but for now I just want to share some photos. After we all rest up and recover from our adventures in illness I will share the rest of the day.

Have a great Sunday!!!


Momofgirls said...

Ahh.. Crazy! I would have lost my mind! So glad that it all turned out okay Miss you!

My Recent Favorite Books said...

Im glad everything turned out ok!

I hope everyone feels better soon!

Amanda said...

Cole looks like such a little man! I'm glad he was feeling well enough. Wish we could have been there but were thinking of you guys yesterday!

JasonDebbie said...

I had mono in high school...surprised? :) For kaitlyn's baptism I totally put her jumpsuit on her backwards and only have one picture from that day due to the AC being out in the building during a hot arizona day in August. All I wanted to do was get the H out of there and to my nice air conditioned car, not even caring about pictures. :) You look very good and not at all huge by the way!

Nyree said...

Yay! Can't believe he is 8. I still remember you having him! Glad the day was good and that it was just a scare. Abbey had mono when we lived in Orem. Yuck. Had to pull her out of soccer and the sorts. Looks like you had a little tender mercy... timing was quite amazing, I would say. Congrats to all of you!!

Karen said...

Larissa, how can it possibly be that you have a child old enough to be baptized? You are sixteen and I am 30ish and the rest is all a dream. Right????

I am so glad that Oldest is on the mend and that it wasn't really mono - what a wild ride that would have been!

And I am so very excited that in April our paths will cross as we get Kristi and Kenzie together again - and that I will get to see your amazing family and hopefully hold your newest little one. In the dream of course, because you are really sixteen . . .


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