Mar 20, 2012

The Nursery

Woohoo. The nursery got done. Insert a happy little jig here.

Thanks to many, many helping hands for getting the big things done...aka the board and batten and the painting.

I am still amazed that I got 99% of my projects done. The fabric pile was ridiculous...gorgeous, but ridiculous. My sewing machine is probably ready for a big ol' break.

Since I am pretty sure this is the cutest nursery we have ever had...I might have gone crazy with the photos for you guys...just humor the 9 months pregnant lady.

Here is a little run down of what got done-

walls painted two different colors (hubby's parents)
board and batten put up in the whole room (hubby)
dresser painted a new awesome turquoise (me and sister)
bed skirt got a new dark brown bottom border
new crib bumpers
new pillow on chair
recovered stained chair cushion
canvas wall art painted
embroidery hoop wall art
curtains sewn
plastic elephants painted
ADORABLE chevron blanket crocheted (my mom)
added some new storage thanks to Target

Whew! I think that is it.

Okay here is my little photo gallery of Bean's nursery. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

There ya have it. Now all I need is a new, sweet, soft baby for the nursery and it will be perfect.

Soon...fingers crossed soon.


Adrienne said...

WOW, i love everything about that room...the wall looks amazing and the colors are awesome. you should really enter that Nursery in some contest cuz i'm sure you would win. hope your pregnancy is over soon so you can be more comfortable and the baby can enjoy that amazing room.

Melia said...

What a beautiful room! I love everything about it. Hope he'll be here soon, those last days and weeks are miserable.

Sharon said...

very cute!! I love the colors and the litle eleies are so cute!

Stockhoff Family said...

It looks amazing honey, I love the whole combination! Now if Bean will cooperate it will just be a matter of days and you can take pictures of HIM in the room! My arms are aching to hold him. :)

Amanda said...

adorable! You guys are awesome!

Michelle said...

I love it! I absolutely adore the colors and the way everything ties together! Hmmm I have just over a week, no car, and no good craft stores in this country...I wonder if I can whip something together that looks as great as that!!! Probably not! I'm a wee bit jealous! Yay! Can't wait to see pictures of the new baby! :)

brittney said...

So gorgeous!! Love, love love the blue!!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks everyone!

Melanie said...

beautiful as always. Holy you hire out?

Abbie said...

Very cute. Love the colors.


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