Jul 17, 2012

Movie Theme Birthday Present-Girl Version

When it comes to giving birthday presents for my boys' friends, well I kind of freak out.

I always get a little over wrought with what to get. Do I buy? Do I make? Should I match the gift to the theme of the party (yes, yes I do that sometimes)? What does he or she really like?

Now that my children are getting older and their friends are older, it is even harder to buy for them. Ugh. The worries go on and on.

Then all the time occasionally,  I leave getting the present until the last minute. Gasp. I know, you are all horrified.

This is what happened just this last weekend.

I had put off getting the present. I had no clue what to get our sweet neighbor girl...I mean when is the last time I had to buy anything for a little girl.

Then a couple of hours before the party I had a craft epiphany.

Gotta love getting those.

I would do a movie themed gift based on the theme of her party...a Smurfday Birthday.

I rushed to The Mart.

Miracles of miracles, they not only had the fabric I wanted BUT they also had a little movie that would go with it.

I rushed home with my fabric, the movie, and some popcorn with an hour to spare before the party started.

I ran in the house, breezing swiftly past Hubby. At his look of confusion, I shouted over my shoulder while hustling to my sewing table, "I am going to sew a pillow case for her present!"

I decided to ignore his "of course ya are" with accompanying laughter.

Before I knew it, I had one very Smurftastic pillow case.

Isn't it lovely?

Pillow cases are one of the easiest things to sew. Trust me, they really are.

Don't have time to make one. Well, you could even buy an already made character themed pillow case and match that with a movie.

Seriously all you need is a pillow case, a coordinating movie, and some bags of microwave popcorn.

Put it all together in a basic bag. Add some ribbon and maybe even some scraps of left over character fabric and you have an instantly cute gift.

Easy Peasy gift that is super fun to get.

Stay tuned for the boy version later today...


Anonymous said...

Hey! This is a great gift! I'm going to pin it! Thanks!

Ange said...

Such a cute idea! We have a girl party to attend next week, you just saved me hours of trying to figure out what to buy! Thanks a million!


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