Jul 30, 2012

Olympic Fever

Like most of the world, we have gotten Olympic Fever.

We watch it when ever we can. 

Are you watching?

What is your favorite event? Our family really likes swimming. 

When we aren't watching it, well, we are participating in our own little family Olympics.

Okay, so really when we aren't watching it Hubby is finishing first in the yard work event and I am breaking house records in doing the dishes and getting the baby to sleep in record breaking time.

However, the boys, they are participating in their own Olympics. In fact, they even made numbers for their backs.

After participating in indoor stair running, they headed outside in the blistering heat to start the cul de sac bike race.

On your marks. Get set. GO!

During their 10 laps, Little stood on the side lines.

Getting in a small run here and there.

He got the track ready for the next set of racers.

10 laps around the culd de sac.

Feet of fury.

Okay, maybe 1 lap is good.

After all, it was crazy hot.

They then moved the competition inside.

Then some medals were handed out.

My Tutorial Here

Have you caught the Olympic fever?

Family Olympics are pretty fun. Throw in some easy homemade felt medals and make it legit.


Corrie- said...

THOSE MEDALS ARE THE BEE KNEES!!! What an awesome Momma you are!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Corrie!


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