Nov 6, 2012

Avenger Assemble: Birthday Party

First, for all my American readers today is the day. GO AND GET YOUR VOTE ON.

Avengers Assemble.


Assemble they did. Birthday party it up they did.

This was a fun, if not slightly stressful party to throw. I had ideas about what I wanted to do right away. Middle totally approved and was only too helpful to come up with more ideas.

Party ideas, check.
Party colors picked, check.

Now, like the Avengers, I just had to assemble. Whew! Everything got done, and Captain America had a successful birthday party.

Here is a little run down of our Supertastic Avengers Birthday Party.


The main table was decorated with Marvel Avenger comic fabric. I made a simple banner from paint cards. I chose the colors I wanted. Then I simply ran them through my machine and sewed them together.

I chose to buy gumballs and Sixletes in the main party colors: green, blue, red, and gray.

One of my favorite things is the cardboard box buildings in the background. I made the ones on the table and several more for one of the party games...which I will talk about in just a sec...

The cardboard boxes were gathered over weeks and just stored happily in my garage. I bought a low-end cheap house paint from The Mart in a stone gray color. I covered the boxes with a couple of coats. I also cut out windows in yellow and black paper. Then with the help of little hands, I taped on all of the windows.

Besides the store bought candy, I also made Rice Crispie Treat Pops.

One of the highlights of the party were these Avenger felt masks.

I got the idea for these masks HERE. I didn't follow her template, I just kind of winged it. For me that worked out just peachy. I did have to stare at the picture of the Thor mask quite a bit. I am surprised I didn't go blind.

The potential loss of eye sight was totally worth it, because the boys loved the masks.

These Thor Pez dispensers were also quite a hit.

Besides the main treat table, there was another treat station.

I brought up the red dresser from my boys' room. I continued with the color theme, of course. I pretty much have a problem!

I displayed the comic book letters. 

I opted out of doing a cake. In years past I have gone nuts making big old creative cakes. However, we always have way to much cake left over. So I made a simple vanilla flavored cupcake, frosted it with a light and fluffy buttercream frosting, and topped it with Sixlets.

Easy peasy and totally cute.

I decorated the room we played all our games in with hand painted posters totally copied from these postcard prints I LOVED.

The party games were rowdy and fun. 

The boys flew around our cardboard buildings in a timed obstacle course like Iron Man.

They also armed themselves with their cardboard Captain America shield and protected themselves from the enemy.

Next was the Thor hammer toss.

They each got their own hammer thanks to toilet paper tubes, small boxes, and lots and lots of duct tape.

They really enjoyed throwing their hammer (one at a time of course) at a running Loki (Hubby).

BUT, the best game...

The game that they all loved...The game that caused the most rowdiness...The game that they had a hard time coming down from...

...well that was the game that involved our cardboard buildings, some green gloves, and a little bit of unbridled anger...

HULK smash.

Nothing like embracing your inner HULK. I will share a little bit more about the favorite party game tomorrow.

We certainly had an Avenger-tastic afternoon.

The best part of the party was the birthday boy's smile.

That is all I needed for this party to be a success.


Ashley said...

looks absolutely amazing!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Ashley!

Unknown said...

Super super cute! I have that same fabric too! I'm pinning this for ideas in February when my son turns 4. He'd love an Avengers party! Great job!

Unknown said...

Awesome struggle for a super duper party.
Children party

Willlies_mommma said...

Love it all! What did you use to make hammers?


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