Nov 7, 2012

HULK Smash: Avengers Birthday Party

This was the favorite game at our Avengers party. The HULK Smash.

The game's existence was rumored and anticipated by several of the boys. When they came in and saw the cardboard buildings, they knew what was coming.

Even in the presence of eminent danger, we had to hold our Hulks off until the other games had been played.

Thank heavens the city-taking-over little monsters didn't do too much damage while our Hulks played other games.

Then it was time for our Hulks to avenge the city.

Since we aren't crazy and didn't want complete chaos, we had one Hulk smash one building at a time. To make it fair we had numbered the boxes buildings. Each Hulk got his own building to smash. He was cheered on by the other Hulks.

They punched, kicked, and jumped on those buildings until they were a squashed heap on the floor.

Not only was this the most enjoyed game, but it was a pretty easy one to put together.

I gathered boxes for months. Closer to the party I painted all the boxes with a cheap house paint. I also cut rectangles from black and yellow paper for windows. I very haphazardly taped them on. Somewhat instant buildings.

Then in a matter of minutes they were happily pummeled.

Nothing like 7 boys smashing buildings!

Ahh, good times.


Michelle said...

This is brilliant!!!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Michelle, you are the best! Thanks!

Dee said...

Just pinned it! What a great idea! The kids are going to have too much fun with this, thanks for sharing!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

They really will! What is not to love about smashing things!


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