Feb 1, 2013

Fun with the Kids Fridays: Cardboard Indoor Hockey

A couple of weeks ago we weren't only snowed in, but we were also sub-temperatured in...totally a word...

The weather was so cold we even had a snow day due to negative temperatures. Needless to say we were desperately in need of some indoor fun and a little bit of off-our-fannies-time.

I got an idea to use our old wrapping paper tubes and some cardboard to make hockey sticks. Which of course are only useful if you are going to use them to play some hockey.

After just an hour of cutting, tapping, and moving furniture we were ready for some indoor hockey.

One on one indoor hockey to be precise.

With one player waiting his turn in the penalty box. Not always happily waiting either.

Hahahaha...man I love that face. He eventually got his turn.

He shoot, he scores!


Defending the goal.

Do your kids wanna play some indoor hockey?

Let's make the stick and the puck.

First you need wrapping paper tubes, duct tape, paddle-type shape (yes I am sure there is an accurate name for this and I could look it up, but that would imply I know something about hockey) cut out of cardboard, and foam (or anything soft).

Cut two 3-4 inch slits across from each other at one end of the tube. Slide the neck part of the paddle into the slits.

Cut strips of duct tape. Then cut those stripes in half, making skinnier strips. Wrap the skinny strips around the neck of the paddle securing it to the tube. Wrap a lot.

Then using more strips of duct tape (not halved) and wrap the opposite end of the tube. Go ahead and add some decorative sporty stripes.

You can even add a design to the paddle. We also personalized our sticks by giving our players nicknames and writing that on the handle.

To make the puck, simply wrap the circle cut out of foam in black duct tape until it is covered and smooth.

Another thing we did to make the hockey more fun, was to make indoor skates using wax paper and rubber bands.

Cut out rectangle sheets of wax paper large enough to fully encase each foot. Wrap each foot in several layers and then loosely attach with a large rubber band (aka Do no cut off circulation. We would like them to keep their feet.).

This will in effect make the floor "slippery".

DISCLAIMER: Since the wax paper can make it slippery, there may be falling. So be careful. Also, my bigger Little Men tore through their wax paper skates really fast and ended up just taking them off halfway through.

With their hockey sticks and wax paper skates, they were ready to get down to business. With the furniture cleared, I taped two goal boxes to the floor on opposite sides of the room. Let the scoring begin.

Merriment and a little body-checking was done by all.  The boys had such a good time and were rough enough that I had to keep a roll of duct tape around to repair the hockey sticks of the older two.

I always think it is amazing how much fun can be created with cardboard and duct tape!


My Recent Favorite Books said...

Looks like they are having lots of fun! =)

Great ideas!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Melissa! They did have fun.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast! I love the idea of wrapping their feet in waxed paper to make it slippery.


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