Feb 18, 2013

We Have a Nine-Year-Old

I am feeling sentimental. Who can blame me really?

My very first born; the Little Man that made me a Momma; the sweet, cautious, and serious little spirit that has paved the way for the others, he turned nine.

It is beyond cliche and cheesy to say, "Where has the time gone?" or "Time flies."

I find myself unable to express it any other way. The cliche is truth. I really do wonder where the time has gone. There is truth in the saying that days go by slow and years go by fast.

I can't believe that it was nine years ago that I was a fresh 24 year-old Momma (I also can't believe that I am on the doorstep of 33 years-old).

I was cuddling and sniffing my very own newborn baby. A baby that Hubby and I had patiently waited for through heartbreak and trial. Our forever family began with him.

This sweet Little Man.

As my oldest, he will always hold a special place in my heart. He started this whole circus. He is very happily the ring leader and conductor of mischief. He influences and molds. He is our test monkey. He patiently allows us our parent foibles (most of the time). For the most part, he is the first everything. Our first experiences of parenthood are through him.

We learned as much from him as he has from us.

I am so thankful he is our first. I am thankful that he was sent to lead the way for our other boys. I am grateful that he is a good kid, genuinely and deep down to his core. I am grateful his brothers have him to learn the serious to the silly.

Being an oldest myself, I know what it is to be an oldest.

Heavenly Father knew this Little Man was wired to be an oldest. Our Oldest.


We are thankful everyday you joined our family. We are thankful you want to be good so badly. We are thankful for your laughter, your strong-will, your sensitivity, and your influence in our home. We love you and want only the very best things for you. We hope you always feel loved, supported and encouraged.

Remember who you are!


Mom and Dad

Come by tomorrow for a special Birthday Giveaway
in celebration of this old lady turning twenty-thirteen (aka 33).

Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

Cute! I love the collage/about you picture! Happy Birthday big C! Ps. When is your birthday Larissa?

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Megan-It is tomorrow...AHHH...ps I love your new photo. You are so profesh.

Natalie said...

I am jealous of his beauty. I seriously can't stop looking at his dimples. Love him!


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