Sep 4, 2013

A Pinteresting Wednesday: Lunch Box Jokes

Welcome to A Pinteresting Wednesday.

If you follow me on Instagram, than you know that yesterday school started.

Woot! Woot!

I love my boys and all, but I really rather enjoy them being at school occasionally. You know it kind of gives me a chance to miss them. Which I of course do. I miss the loudness. I miss the burps and farts (okay, only kind of). I miss the constant sound of running feet and wrestling. I miss the laughter.

So I figured while we are apart, I could send them a little something to chuckle about.

Jokes in their lunchbox. I imagine them reading one, then telling it to their friends. Them all laughing.

Then of course there will be a unanimous chorus of "Your mom is the coolest!" A girl can dream it anyway. Hehehe.

Searching Pinterest I found tons of great lunch box jokes. One of my favorite sets was from Paging Supermom. I pinned it to my Lunch for the Kiddos board. They offer a free download of five jokes.

I used some of those jokes and then a few from a couple of other sites.

Then I used PicMonkey, my all-time favorite online photo editing site. Their new School U feature is amazing and I love it. As I said in my "What is Your SuperPOWER?" Teacher Gift post.

I created five joke tags. 

Download tags HERE

They are easy to download and cut out. Then all you have to do is sneak them into a lunch box.

Everyone likes a good joke. Laughing helps with good digestion...well that is what I would think anyway.

Since I love a good children's fact...

Side note and an FYI about little old me...when Hubby and I were registering for wedding gifts way back when, we registered for Laffy Taffy. One, because I LOVE them. Two, because the jokes make me giggle. Three, we pretty much thought it would be HEE-larious.

Now that you know a little bit more about me and we are best friends and such, I will get back on track.

I love these little joke notes. I am sure my Little Men will love these just as much as some homemade cookies...well almost as much...

I love Pinterest, and how great ideas come from there or stem forthwith.

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