Sep 6, 2013

First Day of School and Duck Tape Grade Numbers

If you follow me on Instagram (hey and if you don't follow me well then you should just go ahead and follow @larissa_anotherday--just sayin'), you know school started this week. In fact, this is the second time I am mentioning the start of school on the blog this week.

Yeah, I am kind of excited about it.

I love the start of school. I loved it when I was in school and I love it now with kiddos in school. The start of school is a fun and exciting time.

I thought I would share a couple of pictures of Oldest and Middle's first day of school.

I had their clothes laid out. Middle very obediently put what I picked out on. Oldest, well he made some modifications. I guess he is at that age, right? At least he kept on the red shoes (Ruum).

We got ready in record time. They had to. The bus comes quite a bit earlier now.

In fact, the Duck Tape Grade Number pictures were actually taken after they got home from school. A keepin' it real moment for ya. I was pretty amazed that they looked as put together at the end of the day as they did before they went to school. Well, I did have to make Oldest tuck his shirt in.

I thought I would throw in a quick how-to on making these Duck Tape Grade Numbers. They are easy peasy to make.

You need:
Duck Tape
Foam Poster Board
Exacto knife

I used some old foam board, so ignore the red stripes.

1. Write the number on the board.
2. Cut out around the number with about an inch to a half inch boarder.
3. Tape off edges first.
4. Starting at the bottom, rip off pieces large enough to wrap around the part you are covering. Keep layering up, trying to match the pattern best you can. Cover the whole number.

In the end, your number will look like this.

So easy.

Now that the project is done, the photos are taken, and the first day of school is done...

We can have cookies and milk.

 Thanks for reading!


Dream Come True said...

Really cute, dd is starting pre-pre-school in 4 weeks... not sure I can make her a minus 2, but I love the idea!

Dream Come True

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Hahaha, yeah, a minus 2 probably wouldn't work. I guess neither would a PPK! Haha.


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